When you come visit Boise, (yes, you should. you would love it.) you need to stay at The Modern Hotel. It’s one of my favorite spots in the city. Designed by architectural designer, Dwaine Carver, this hotel meets every modernists needs. The rooms are stunning, the lobby is quaint and cozy and the bar/dining area is perfection. I was there this last weekend and snapped this images of the dining area. You see  Cherner Side Chairs cozied up with custom booths. And that paneled wall looks amazing against the opposing white wall. Love it all!

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Hey locals!!  Next Saturday Kristin and I are hosting a fun meet and greet with LA designer extraordinaire, Vanessa De Vargas!  The event will be located at Heirloom and Vine.  You all need to come!  It will be a fun time to network with local designers and artist as well as getting to know beautiful Vanessa.  Vanessa will be speaking at the Chair Affair on April 20th at 9:30am.  If you need more info on either the meet & greet or Chair Affair, let me know!! xxoo







Unit Eleven Design was in Garden City, Idaho (Woop woop!!  I love learning about great design coming from my State.) by Amy O’Brien and Kerry Tullis.  I met Amy at a party this last December.  She told me a little bit about her business and it sounded fabulous, but it wasn’t until I recently saw pictures of their furniture that I fell in love!  (I have specific pieces picked out for my house…don’t tell hubby.)  Unit Eleven Design specializes in designing and building minimal, environmentally responsible pieces with an emphasis on avoiding unnecessary ornamentation, and each of their pieces are as unique as the tree they come from.  Beautiful!!



Les Bois Tuesday is back!!  Well, at least for this Tuesday.  I became familiar with this Les Bois Tuesday through a friend who told me to drive by a certain amazing house in the North End.  I quickly fell in love with the little bungalow home and its adorable lawn chairs on the front porch.  I later found out that the interior was designed by Nest InteriorsNest Interiors is owned by Judith Balis who resides here in Boise.  Nest Interiors specializes in inexpensive finds from unexpected places.  They love mixing the old with new and will work with ANY budget.  I have posted a few images from their portfolio.  You can view more on their website and Facebook.