This DIY is one of my favorites and I fall in love with a project like this every year as the holidays near. Emily Henderson has a tutorial on these super easy and more than affordable do it yourself tall candle jars. Style these in a centerpiece or spread the joy of these beauties in different spaces of your home. Knowing my endless love for yummy candles I will burn through them sooner than later and use it as a vase after. Ahh, its the little joys in life.

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Sometimes when searching the web for design and decor, I come across items that I just can’t get enough of. Above is some of those finds. The furniture is on the higher end so I paired it with reasonable accessories. I’m also loving how the yellows and pinks are looking together.

Maserati Lounge Chair, Flamingo No. 1, Gradient Candle, Paulina Reyes Pillow for West Elm, Famechon Sofa.






When decorating for the holidays, everyone always wants their home to smell as festive as it looks. I can’t imagine not having a real tree for that reason but some who opt for faux trees, need that yummy tree smell. Even with a tree, I like to burn orange clove and cranberry scents. I’ve had a few readers ask me for my favorite scents so I thought I would make you a little collage. I’ve learned that mixing certain smells can be heavenly. So here you go, my picks for merry smells!

1. Mrs Meyers Orange Clove Soy Candle 2.Capri Blue 3. Meow Meow Tweet Candle 4. Christmas Tree Soy Candle. 5. Aunt Sadie’s Snowy Tree Candle 6. Holiday Spirit Candle