I wanted to share with a few new designs straight from Milan Design Week 2014. These La-Dina chairs are pretty much my jam. They have such a delicate approach that isn’t too feminine. The colors are right on point!

I am constantly looking for a new accent table for clients. These Torei Family tables are great accent pieces for a plethora of spaces. And that marble top table?? Amazing.

Here is an option for the lounger in all of us. Ladle Family loves us and created these ultra stylish lounge chairs. Perfect for the living room, bedroom and even office.




Nothing is cozier than a wingback chair. The feel, the look, the stature of a wingback chair is unlike any other. They will make a statement in any space whether paired in your living space, ends at your dining table, or in the corner as a reading nook. There is something so beautiful and grand about these wingback chairs and they can be styled into any aesthetic. Take a look at these trending stunners…

West Elm

Nice & Nicer

Lilac and Grey




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Christina Lundsteen seen in Milk Magazine

It is so true, everyone loves great chair design, including myself. I’ve seen some amazing and unique accent chairs lately, styled in some impeccable spaces and I decided to round up my favorites. Some of these sitting essentials being purchasable online is just the icing to this, yummy and satisfying, morning bun of a post. Feast your eyes on these inspiring finds…

The Design Files Daily

The Vintage Dealer

1. Arm Chair  2. Slipper Chair

via Pinterest

1. Lounge Chair  2. Campsite Chair

I am loving these woven chair options that can be styled into any aesthetic.

Radar Chair via Espasso

Checked Armchair via Anthropology

1. Armchair 2.Stack Chair VII

Emily Henderson via The Sleepy Peach



When styling homes, I consistently find what I need at West Elm. They have been a constant recourse of modern, timeless and on trend pieces. They’ve just launched some new items and I’m loving them all. They have a few new sofas that are the cats meow. I’m also loving most every single new chair.

This desk! Someone, please get it.

Love this TV console table. I give the legs two thumbs up.

This is a great streamlined sofa. Neutral enough to go with a plethora of styles.

Everyone needs a good pouf.

Here’s some other pieces that I’m loving at the moment. Shop all of their new arrivals here.

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There’s a new web shop in town. Haus Interior now has a web shop full of goodies. Like LOTS of goodies!

Shop Haus Interior here.






Pianca has some fantastic modern pieces that are all made 100% in Italy. You’ll find collections of armchairs, chairs, sofas, beds and so much more. You need to visit their site and take a look for yourself!

Shop Pianca here.

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It amazes me how many cool chair options there are floating around the world right now. The days of boring boxed chairs are over. We see all shapes, colors and sizes emerging. Below we see a few off the chart chairs. Some may be a little out of your price range. If so, just have fun browsing and dreaming.


Room image via Ruy Teixeira.







I have a slight obsession with lighting. It’s one of those elements that if overlooked, can destroy the feel of a space. My nightmare is that can lights are the only lights legal to use. NOOOOOOO!

When first seeing OneFortyThree’s lighting on Instagram, I was floored. Each piece is modern, unique and transitional. I recently used the desk lamp (above) for a design project. It fits the space perfectly. Logan Hendrickson, designer behind OneFortyThree, started making lighting and furniture because him and his new wife were in need if pieces for their new home. From there, his brand has evolved. I’m pretty sure that we will be hearing lots from Logan.

As you can see you will find not only lighting but some insanely cool chairs and accessories. I think that I will take one of each!

Shop all of these at OneFortyThree.


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One room that excites me to no end is the dining room. The possibilities are endless with the design of a dining space. A key component that goes into a dining room is the perfect dining chair. It can make or break the look that you are going for. I’ve had my fair share of dining chairs! Some I’ve loved and some I can’t believe that I bought. Dining chairs have come along way from the classic wooden chairs with the predictable padded seat covers. Below are a few of my favorite dining chairs right now.

The Family Chair by Design House Stockholm has a modern flare within a very iconic style. 4 of these around a white or wood table would look swweeett.

Blu Dot collaborated with Target and this is one of the lovely pieces birthed from this partnership. This simple yet bold chair is good on the wallet as well as the eye.

This chair by MIKA TOLVANEN at Muuto is my absolute favorite right now! The plywood chairs are modern and feel sord of “bubbly” in a fun, cool way.

Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen designed the Gubi Chair Collection in 2003. I give this danish must have chair two thumbs up!  It might be too much for some wallets but one can dream, right?

These mid century style chairs are affordable and awesome! I’m using them in an upcoming design project. I can’t wait to see the result of the entire room put together using these beauties.

When you’re on the hunt for fashionable dining room chairs just remember to think outside of the box, find what you love and embrace spending a little more for style that will last.

Top image via VT Wonen.


How fun is this black and white dining space?  It goes with my Thanksgiving table inspiration from yesterday.  I have to say that the rugs are my favorite part!  I also love their collection of chairs.


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Hi friends!!!!  I’m late posting today because it seems that I have over committed myself in life.  I have allowed my yes’s to be yes’s and my no’s to be yes’s.  Oops!  Anyways, I thought this space was pretty cool in a moody masculine sord of way.  You like??




Have you heard of Bend Seating?  This hand crafted method of shaping called bending makes sure that each bend is carefully arranged to ensure structural strength, relaxation and utility.  Check out more of the collection on House&Hold.

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Hope you had a great weekend!!  My husbands Grandpa passed away this last week so we celebrated his life this weekend, high up in the mountains of Idaho.  It was such a beautiful setting to celebrate an amazing man!

Be back soon.

via Bright.Bazaar.



Clean, simple and gorgeous describe all of these chairs.  They feel like beautiful sculptural pieces that can be used everyday.

via house to home, Pinterest and Pinterest.






I Instagram’d this image on Tuesday.  It’s a cute little corner that Elise Vaughn designed at Brass Razoo.  Vintage perfection!