Continuing on with the Designer Series, how fun is it to hear from Heidi Klum?! She’s a supermodel, television host, producer, fashion designer, and now fabulous designer for all things kids through Shutterfly. She recently helped design a kids bedroom in a New York home as part of the Shutterfly By Design release and came up with some great tips on how to style bedrooms for kids. As a mom of four, Heidi has plenty to share about combining comfort and style. Here are 7 tips to note for the next opportunity to style for your little one…


1. Of course it is important for your space to suit your kids…but as a mom make sure you love the space you create for them as well!

Mrs Jones

2. Make storage accessible and fun for your little ones. This will help ensure that they will have fun, even when it comes to post play clean up time.

Simplified Bee

3. Celebrate your kids by showcasing their art, awards, school projects, and special photos. Shutterfly is the perfect way to make canvases and prints of those special creations.

Simplified Bee

4. When creating a kids space, always add a fun and whimsical element to the design or color scheme, after all they are children and will love their space if you do!

Ale and Tere 

5. It is important to create decorations in a room that look good, are easy to make, and are very child friendly!


6. A nursery with cozy and cuddly accessories is a must as your little one begins to embark outside of the crib.


7. Keep the room open with lots of floor space because your children need room to grow and play.

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My daughter’s imagination is growing by the day.  If she is not creating a story for all of us to participate in, then she is creating a world for us all to live in.  Mostly a world full of princesses, food and wild animals.  I think the above room and clothing items fit her just right.

Room via BOLIG, Vest via Stella McCartney Kids and Skirt via Zara.

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What a fun bedroom to dream away.

via Avec Felix.






Here are a few peeks of the kids room.  They still don’t have beds, they need new bedding and Eden needs a desk.  Other than that, this is the closest room in the house to being completed.  They are both having a blast sharing a room.  I can pretty much kiss nap time goodbye!

PS, Eden’s side of the bedroom is way girlier!!