I love color so naturally this home is a winner in my book! Seen on My Scandinavian Home (via here), this home shows that you can add color in your furniture, accessories and even books. Think outside of the art and wall color boxes when deciding on moments of color. Plus, it’s always fun to think unconventional!





Image: Sfgirlbybay. Photos by martin sølyst for bolig magazine.

Maybe it’s because spring is here but I am craving color right now! I love the look of a clean space with a splash of bright, beautiful color. I’m normally not a purple or pink fan but done right, I’m in love!

What are your thoughts on color? How much is too much>

Image: Apartment Therapy. Designer: Sarah Stacey.

Image: Home Life. Photography Armelle Habibs and Styling Julia Green.

Image: Livet Hemma

Image: My Paradissi. Design by Mim Design, photo by Derek Swalwell.

Image: Pinterest

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Design Sponge

THE color of the year is PLUM! Which I am so darn excited about! Anyone else as excited as me? (Doing the happy dance…) Plum is one of those hues that can be paired with almost any other color palette lights and darks, golds and bronzes, and of course whites! If you are looking for a change right off the bat this new year, Sherwin Williams announced the Exclusive Plum paint color as their paint color of the year. Create a statement and evoke emotion with this accent color in your home.

Mrs. Jones




The colors, the patterns, the textures, I love it all!! What is this, you ask?? Created by Australia’s wildly popular design blog, The Design Files, The Design Files Open House is the ultimate stylized Melbourne home, with an added bonus, everything is for sale! From bedlinen to books, artwork, furniture, kitchenware and lighting, each and every item can be purchased on the spot. Brilliant!

Now if only I lived closer.



I absolutely LOVE seeing how designers update their own personal spaces.  Saying that, you must go visit Decor8 to see how stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg  has updated her home.  I first saw her space on Bloesem and gasped with adoration.  She added the perfect amount of color and character.  I’m seriously in love!!







I got a hold of some pink spray paint yesterday.  Let’s just say that there were a few victims involved including this metallic vase.

via Instagram.



Everyone is in need of a little color in their lives!  I used to lean on black & white alot in my decor but recently I have embraced color.  When introducing color to your accessories, it’s easy to change when you’re bored or over a specific color.  I usually bring color into pillows, ceramics, art and blankets.  I also love adding a super colorful furniture piece to a neutral room.

Do you embrace color in your decor?  Or does it scare you?

See the rest of this home at Simple Blueprint.






You should go check out my column, Runway To Color Palette, over on Better Homes and Gardens new blog, Style Spotters!  This week I’m focusing on a fresh and springy color palette, infused with mint.



Well this is a fun image.



How pretty is this lavender cabinet??  It looks lovely in this child’s room and could also work well in an adult space.  Pair it with lots of white and cream so that it can pop.  I also can imagine some pretty Lavender stylish bedding to go along with this scheme.

via Deco Peques.



If I could marry a color combo, here it is!!!

It was my cousin Rachelle’s birthday on Tuesday.  I picked up some balloons for her in this winning color combination.  I think that I was more in love with the balloons than anyone else!  It feels so fresh and modern without being pretentious.  This piece by Kees Goudzwaard proves the beauty of these colors.

Balloons via my Instagram and Art found via Pinterest.




Do you need a burst of color in your life??  These red wall should do the trick!

Design Shimmer.



I am having real craving for color right now.  Neon’s are super fun against white, marigold is a classic and red when splashed around is always a success.  I love Rachel Castle’s home and recently saw it being pinned.  Of course Rachel is a master at color.  Look at her company, Castle!  Oh color, how I love thee.



Are you looking for some color this holiday season??  Me too!

Via Pinterest (via The Style Files), CB2, Anthropologie and House&Hold.



Most know that I am an advocate of white paint and white spaces.  But I do love my fair share of colors!  These 3 spaces show how easy and flawless it is to introduce one or several colors in a single space.

via Martha Stewart.