Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: Design Milk

We’ve featured some pretty amazing kitchens over the last few months, but let’s talk dining rooms today. Personally, I love the versatility of this space — you can opt for a patterned rug or a bare floor, a matching set of chairs or an interesting mix, a dramatic chandelier or a simple pendant — the choice is up to you and the options are practically endless. And let’s not forget the transformative power of an eye-catching piece of artwork on the wall. This buffalo print, featured above, is one of my absolute favorites and it really makes the room, don’t you think? If you’re ready for more dining room inspo, check out these beauties below…

Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: Ideat

This dining space is all about the mix. I’m loving the combination of the rustic table with the Eames dowel-leg chairs and the matte black pendants. Incredible wooden beams on the ceiling never hurt matters, either.

Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: A House in the Hills

Want to know the quickest way to add a bit of luxe to your dining chairs? Add a sheepskin throw! Not only does it dress things up, it also makes a wire mesh chair infinitely more comfortable. Bonus.

Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: Anna Bode

Ok, this cactus is pretty impressive, am I right? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….plants make ALL the difference.

Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: Pelle Lundquist

And speaking of plants, how great is this floral splash of pink against a simple white table and neutral wishbone chairs? It’s the perfect contrast between pale and vibrant.

Dining Room Love by Mindy Bucklew via Simply Grove

Image: Vertigo Home

The copper accents in this room have me doing a happy dance. The tone of the metal is just right against the warm wood furniture and rich, patterned rug. Sign me up!

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Image: Sfgirlbybay

Dining Rooms can be tough to freshen up. It’s not like you want to throw around a bunch of money changing out dining chairs every season. Instead focus on the smaller details of the space. Below are a few tips and tricks-

1. Add greenery and flowers to your dining table for a splash of color and natural elements.

2. Use vintage chairs as head chairs to create an eclectic, on point look.

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Image: Trendspanarna

3. Add art or rearrange existing art with a few extra additions. Depending on the season or your mood, choose complimenting colors and tones.

4. Switch out your chandelier for a modern, industrial pendant.

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Image: The Design Chaser

5. Add statement pieces like large art, a bright rug or interesting objects to shelves.

via simply grove

Image: A House in the Hills

6. Switch out chairs for a bench. Keep one side filled with chairs to keep it unique.

7. Add sheepskin rugs to a few of your chairs for texture and warmth.

If you are needing some more dining room Inspiration, I have a Pinterest page dedicated to dining rooms for your enjoyment!



This year I will be hosting a small group at our house for Christmas. I love hosting (not necessarily cooking though) and I love using organic elements to create a great tablescape. Last year my good friend Caitlin created this tablescape and I’ve been in love with it ever since! It’s simple yet so so elegant. The colors that she used are neutral yet stunning.

Below is a video that Real Living Magazine and Super A-Mart collaborated on for the holidays. It’s a perfect example that you don’t have to do too much to create the perfect table.

Super A-mart is a place for you to go and seek inspiration for your renovations and home needs. You’ll love it!






Image: Nordic Leaves

I have a good friend that’s moving into a studio apartment. It’s a small space that’s downtown with lots of possibilities. One area that is lacking is room for a long dining table. The best solution for this is a round table. You can squeeze chairs around and they don’t take up too much space. I personally love round dining tables. I have a large one in my home and it’s perfect for game nights, dinner with the family, hosting dinner parties and even homework time. Here are a few favorite dining spaces with round tables.

Above we see a white dining table, perfect for adding un-matching chairs. You can pair it with wood, colored and even metal chairs.

Image: French By Design

This is about the size of my dining table. You can add chairs for more seating or take away chairs for a simple, modern look.

Image: The Design Files

Can I have this whole look, please??

Want this look but don’t know where to start? Here are a few awesome items to add to your dining space to achieve the round table movement.

Light, Chair, Table, Rug.

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