I am a huge fan of spray paint. Always have been, always will be. Mostly because it’s such a quick and easy way to update an item. I found these vintage bottles on eBay. They came in a LOT of 8. I knew right away what I wanted to do with them, and it involved spray paint…shocker!

Matte black is so on trend right now. It looks modern, fresh and clean. I took each bottle and gave them one coat of matte black spray paint. The bottles that came with lids got one even coat from lid to bottom. That way when I’m not using it as a vase, I can use it as a cool piece on a shelf or table. After each bottle dried, I gave them one more coat. That will keep them from chipping easily. After they dried, i instantly had a modernized vase. Easy, right??

I used the new and improved vases for a dinner party. I wanted to keep the table simple and just use white and black. Between my white dishware and black vases, everything looked cool, calm and relaxed.

And what did I do with the bottles after the dinner party?? Displayed them all over the house! My favorite spot is on the mantle. I love fresh flowers in my house and this will keep my replenishing the vases.

This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay. Items were chosen by me.







Today I have the easiest DIY for you to try! Now, I’m not the most fond of completing DIY’s. I’d rather snap my fingers and magically create something. But since that doesn’t work, I’ve made a New Years resolution of being more hands on. Here’s the easy peasy DIY:

I sometimes prefer displaying items on a tray when decorating on a tabletop. I think it looks more edited and finished. I had a photo shoot at my house the other day and didn’t have a tray available to use so I ran to my local Lowes looking for a square of marble. They didn’t have marble available but I found this pretty Calacatta White Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile. It’s simple yet sophisticated.

Now here comes the tricky part! I kid i kid. Here comes the painfully easy part. Place felt pads (that you would use for chair legs) and place one on each corner of the tile. Flip it over and there you have it. A simple tray for your pretty things.

You could also use these in the kitchen and bathroom. Try finding a fun patterned tile to display on neutral countertops. And of course you can never go wrong with marble.

Did I mention that this DIY cost a total of $4? Yay for that!

If you want to take your tray to the next level, try this tray DIY.




Struggling on what kind of nightstand you want bedside? I’ve totally been there and feel your pain in making a decision. Fortunately CB and J has come up with the perfect DIY for your nightstand needs and its simplicity couldn’t be more stunning. Be able to add wooden texture and keep your space open with this perfectly curated DIY piece…

See CB and J the blog for more details including measurements, materials, directions, and more beautiful images.

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Ok really, this advent calendar is the most perfect creation ever. The Merry Thought has me super inspired to make an advent calendar and count down the days of the month in the prettiest way possible. Need I explain how to put this beauty together? So simple and attainable of a DIY project…







How great is this DIY? Well, let me tell you how great it is. First, (obviously) use them to make some amazing holiday shaped cookies. Second, use the cutters as napkin rings in your Thanksgiving tablescape. Attach handwritten tags, and you can double the use as place setting markers at your table as well. Next, leave the names on them and let those family members each place their cookie cutter on your tree using them as an ornament. These cutters will follow you through the holidays just like the memories you’ll make!!






I think we can all agree that a pouf is completely necessary in any living space. Who doesn’t want a pouf right? What I can’t wrap my mind around is having to spend up to couple hundred dollars on one… This DIY by Kristi Murphy is undoubtedly cost effective and oh so cute. It is one of my favorite ikea hacks to date and gives you the flexibililty of selecting a fabric of your choice. See her pouf tutorial here.






This DIY is so pretty and Stephanie Sterjovski makes it so easy to achieve this fun thanksgiving table decor. Select this print (out of her many others) from her print shop and complement with your favorite greenery, a few mini pumpkins, and washi tape for a simple and gorgeous table top.



Anthology Magazine

There is no need to feel the stress of taking on a full room redo. Often the smallest projects yield the most accomplished feelings and its making those baby steps that get the inspired juices flowing. Small touches to your fireplace are a great way to create a new look for your space with out getting in over your head. I loved the idea so I had done a simple update to my fireplace in my living space that was featured in Anthology Mag the summer of 2012. I used one of my favorite prints of temporary wallpaper to vamp up my look.

This is Glamorous

This fireplace caught my eye, because there are some neat wood fixtures you can get to compliment your fireplace when not in use and this is one of them. Also, the mini strips of tiling on the fireplace is a refreshing change from large tile or brick. Let this inspire a modern appeal for your home.

A Home in the Making

This image holds the key to a simple update that will set you free. Paint! A fresh coat of white paint on your fireplace will brighten and leave you happier than can be. Don’t feel like you have to kiss all of your brick goodbye, this image shows you can leave the inside natural to keep some of the original look and color.

Heart Home Mag

Creating a contrast is beautiful. If you are willing to paint it all, part with your brick and paint the actual fireplace black and the mantle white. You will love your fireplace turned statement piece as much as I love this image.

The Transcontinental Affair

This image is for two kinds of people. The bold and those who have a fireplace that is not functioning. Take the plunge in a pop of color while keeping the walls neutral to achieve a drastic fireplace update.

Easy Living

Use contact wallpaper to add a glimpse of your favorite print or pattern inside your fireplace. Don’t feel like you have to commit to a whole wall of wallpaper when you can have it in moderation and in an unexpected place.



This DIY is one of my favorites and I fall in love with a project like this every year as the holidays near. Emily Henderson has a tutorial on these super easy and more than affordable do it yourself tall candle jars. Style these in a centerpiece or spread the joy of these beauties in different spaces of your home. Knowing my endless love for yummy candles I will burn through them sooner than later and use it as a vase after. Ahh, its the little joys in life.

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There is no better way to cure the craving for a fun accent wall better than this sharpie DIY wallpaper. Avoid the cost, mess, and commitment to wallpaper while keeping your room bright with white. I am over the top about gold right now, so this image above, I totally love. Use the links that take you to Vintage Revivals for a step by step tutorial on tackling this project.

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This DIY gives you a way to throw a modern minimalist twist on an already useful piece in your workspace. Just a few simple steps: mold polymer clay into a cube, slice geometric sides off with razor blade, and bake! For more extensive details see here via dot com for moms.






What to do when you find a bowl that is great and you can’t justify buying it?? Turn it into pendant lighting like Justina Blakeney did! This project will undoubtedly save you some cash and it is so easy. The bowl shown is a paper bowl, so creating a whole for the cord was easier than imaginable. String the cord though and that is it! For more details go here.



I thought this was the perfect inspiration for fall! This image from Balzer Designs is one of my favorite painted pumpkins. You don’t have to sacrifice style during the holidays, especially for Halloween. Not only will you enjoy letting your creative juices flow, your kids will love painting just as much as carving!!



Hunt & Bow

This weeks DIY is such a fun twist on classic ceramics that can be used as planters, baskets, magazine holders, you name it! They can be dipped or hand painted just pick a few of your favorite colors and let yourself get creative. You can use painters tape to help with fine lines and designs. Hope this post leaves you inspired and gives you a craft to look forward to this weekend…







Design Sponge

This DIY couldn’t be more perfect for those of you in need of a coat rack, and did I mention you can EASILY  do this yourself?! Find a branch to weather or scuff, secure it to the wall in your entryway, and add metal hooks as needed. Bam, just like that you’ve added natural decor with purpose and have hardly spent any money! A win-win-win in my book!

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