Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: Farrow & Ball

For those who know me well, it’s no secret that I love the color black. Seriously, I loooovvvvveeee it. It’s in heavy rotation in my closet. It’s peppered throughout my home. It’s how I take my coffee.

There’s just something about black that always works so well. It’s saturated, striking, and instantly modern. Whenever I need to add a dramatic element to any space, it’s one of the first color choices I consider. I feel like a lot of people tend to shy away from black because it’s just “too much”, but I’m telling you…you just need to go for it. Need a few examples for inspiration? Look no further…

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: The Brick House

Nothing makes my heart happier than a black brick fireplace set against bright white walls. In fact, I have this exact scenario happening in my own living room. Paired with natural wood floors, this color choice is a no-brainer.

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: Cote Maison

Black ceilings, anyone? I know, sounds a little scary when you just say it but seeing is believing. Personally, I think this is a great choice for basements, considering dark ceilings help to create a cozy, den-like feel. Two recommendations when going this route: keep the walls white and the floors light.

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: Amber Interiors

Yes, black can work in a bathroom! Even a small one, at that. Just be sure that you have adequate lighting from a well-placed window. White and brass accents are a must.

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: UR Design

I’ve never met a black kitchen cabinet that I didn’t like. In a high-traffic zone notorious for spills, stains, and fingerprints, black is honestly one of the best color choices out there. Plus, it just looks SO darn good with other natural wood elements.

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: Coco Cozy

This. Entryway. Using a contrasting black under the chair rail is a brilliant move. And don’t even get me started on that black door. The result is unexpected, yet so very sophisticated. Heart emojis, all the way.

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I was pretty quick to take down my Christmas decorations this year. Mostly because I had the flu through the holidays, which meant I was laying on the couch looking at the decorations for a long.long.long time. I decided to give the mantel a festive look for New Years and the month of January. I kept some of my Christmas decor including this Star garland from Land Of Nod and this lantern garland from Serena & Lily. I also kept this felt wreathe, also from Land Of Nod, hanging above the mantel. It’s a festive for look to celebrate 2014!


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Anthology Magazine

There is no need to feel the stress of taking on a full room redo. Often the smallest projects yield the most accomplished feelings and its making those baby steps that get the inspired juices flowing. Small touches to your fireplace are a great way to create a new look for your space with out getting in over your head. I loved the idea so I had done a simple update to my fireplace in my living space that was featured in Anthology Mag the summer of 2012. I used one of my favorite prints of temporary wallpaper to vamp up my look.

This is Glamorous

This fireplace caught my eye, because there are some neat wood fixtures you can get to compliment your fireplace when not in use and this is one of them. Also, the mini strips of tiling on the fireplace is a refreshing change from large tile or brick. Let this inspire a modern appeal for your home.

A Home in the Making

This image holds the key to a simple update that will set you free. Paint! A fresh coat of white paint on your fireplace will brighten and leave you happier than can be. Don’t feel like you have to kiss all of your brick goodbye, this image shows you can leave the inside natural to keep some of the original look and color.

Heart Home Mag

Creating a contrast is beautiful. If you are willing to paint it all, part with your brick and paint the actual fireplace black and the mantle white. You will love your fireplace turned statement piece as much as I love this image.

The Transcontinental Affair

This image is for two kinds of people. The bold and those who have a fireplace that is not functioning. Take the plunge in a pop of color while keeping the walls neutral to achieve a drastic fireplace update.

Easy Living

Use contact wallpaper to add a glimpse of your favorite print or pattern inside your fireplace. Don’t feel like you have to commit to a whole wall of wallpaper when you can have it in moderation and in an unexpected place.



Happy Sunday, friends! I hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend! I got slammed with the stomach flu on Friday. Thankfully I’m feeling mucho better today. It was one of those sicknesses that came out of nowhere and totally threw off my schedule. Oh well. I’ll just put it in turbo next week.

I thought that this fireplace would be a good Sunday inspiration for us all. Calming, classic and whimsical.

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