Lately on Pinterest I have seen an abundance of gallery walls that are both incredible and inspiring! What a great way to feature your favorites pieces. Gallery walls are so lovable because they can include photos, prints, textiles, ceramics, fabulous frames, kids art, and so much more that together create a lasting impression on your space. What is better than a truly unique featured wall in your home that speaks your design lingo?!

Our Cozy Casa via Pinterest

Hubsch Interiors via Pinterest

The Every Girl via Pinterest






I’m popping my head in after being at the hospital all morning. Last night at a Christmas party, myself and a crowd of people cheered my husband on to do his famous fast feet river dance. It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen! But sadly ended bad last night as he sprained his ankle. We thought it was a break so we’re extra thankful it’s not. I feel like poop for egging him on and now he’s on crutches for Christmas. I guess it will make for a fun story one day?? I will most likely post the video for you all to see so stay tuned for that.

I’ll be back soon with your regular decor programming…:)

Image via Reelinki. (Does anyone know the original source?)