Simply Grove reader and design enthusiast Ana Zivick recently DIY’d her own headboard. She created a slipcover instead of stapling directly on the wood and batting. I think that’s a much better plan of action since fabric headboards can get dirty, which I’ve learned the hard way. It’s also a perfect way to be able to show the back of the headboard, which Ana plans to do. Hopefully we can see the after pictures once Ana attaches it to her bed!

Great job Ana!

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SG’s reader, Miriam, emailed me asking for suggestions on headboards.  She really loves West Elm’s Scroll headboard but it is a bit out of her price range.  My number one suggestion for saving money is to make it yourself.  And if that’s not an option, Urban Outfitters has one of my favorite headboards of all time!   The shape is similar to the Scroll headboard with added tufts.  The only problem is that she prefers the dove grey.  UO’s comes in Palm, Wheat, Aubergine and Antique Gold.  Though not the color, its a great option to consider!!



Here is a sneak peek of my new headboard!  I love it!  The platform is being made right now and once its complete, I will give you another peek.  I love the roughness of this piece in my room.  It’s polar opposite from my girly UO headboard that I recently sold on Craigslist.  You like??