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Lately I can’t get enough of the look and feel of exposed shower heads. The openness and simplicity of a bathroom with this style shower head always catches my eye. It gives a vintage appeal that I adore. Pair this space saver of a shower with a white backdrop and it will be timeless.


My Paradissi

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I’m feeling inspired to take in and acknowledge every moment of the holiday season. Time goes by so fast and another year will come crashing into our world soon. Feeling inspired includes making my home a holiday haven for my family. I loved this image because it inspires warmth, festiveness, nature, simplicity, and relaxation. What are your goals for the holidays? My family’s mantra will be relaxation for sure!

Feeling inspired? Check out another inspiring video of a guy who steps out of his element to try something new from Ford Fiesta. Their movement is built on the notion to seize the day and soak in every opportunity that comes before you…

The Ford Fiesta Movement is hosting a Tube-a-thon to create a way to entertain and raise money for Covenant House. Be sure to check it out YouTube on December 12th.

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To inspire your next entryway update I’ve included some of my favorites. Your entryway says a lot about the rest of your home and welcomes your guests. Including natural light, mixing textures, including some of your favorite vintage accessories, and staying organized to give a clean feel are a few of the techniques used in these images to bring to life an entryway representative to you and your home. See how benches can be diverse and add so much character to your entryway space!


Casa Coisas & Tal

Design Shimmer


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This week I wanted to give some inspiration all to cozying up! Throws can be used in so many ways and Christina Loucks shows that beautifully in her styled shoot for West Elm. You can’t ever have too many blankets and throws in your home, it is just a matter of what to do with them all! Here are some great ways to mix in throws with your everyday decor.

All images by Heidi Geldhauser. Styling by Christina Loucks.

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Anthology Magazine

There is no need to feel the stress of taking on a full room redo. Often the smallest projects yield the most accomplished feelings and its making those baby steps that get the inspired juices flowing. Small touches to your fireplace are a great way to create a new look for your space with out getting in over your head. I loved the idea so I had done a simple update to my fireplace in my living space that was featured in Anthology Mag the summer of 2012. I used one of my favorite prints of temporary wallpaper to vamp up my look.

This is Glamorous

This fireplace caught my eye, because there are some neat wood fixtures you can get to compliment your fireplace when not in use and this is one of them. Also, the mini strips of tiling on the fireplace is a refreshing change from large tile or brick. Let this inspire a modern appeal for your home.

A Home in the Making

This image holds the key to a simple update that will set you free. Paint! A fresh coat of white paint on your fireplace will brighten and leave you happier than can be. Don’t feel like you have to kiss all of your brick goodbye, this image shows you can leave the inside natural to keep some of the original look and color.

Heart Home Mag

Creating a contrast is beautiful. If you are willing to paint it all, part with your brick and paint the actual fireplace black and the mantle white. You will love your fireplace turned statement piece as much as I love this image.

The Transcontinental Affair

This image is for two kinds of people. The bold and those who have a fireplace that is not functioning. Take the plunge in a pop of color while keeping the walls neutral to achieve a drastic fireplace update.

Easy Living

Use contact wallpaper to add a glimpse of your favorite print or pattern inside your fireplace. Don’t feel like you have to commit to a whole wall of wallpaper when you can have it in moderation and in an unexpected place.



Elle Decor Spain

Regardless of your design style or aesthetic including art into your space is a fun way to create a focal point and is always a good idea. The way you prefer to style art will vary depending on your styling taste and degree of boldness. If you are searching for some inspiration to style art in your home, I have no doubt within these options will be a solution for you!

Keep it full of texture (above): In rather neutral spaces an art piece full of texture and opposing grains creates a great balance, with stunning after thought.

Signed By Tina

Keep it colorful: Many of you are drawn to this image because you know you want to add all your favorite colors but don’t know how to do it without overdoing it. One large piece of colorful art will surely cure the craving.

Apartment Therapy

Keep it patterned: For those of you that are not fond of abstract or free direction art will enjoy a large geometric pattern to give your vignette an organized feel.

Veronica Loves Archie

Keep it near sunlight: But not direct sunlight, the art near the open window draws the eyes to the hues and shadows of this incredible piece.

Design Love Fest

Keep it busy: Pair your large piece with other small (but as equally inspiring) pieces to have a lot going on in your space. And by a lot going on, I mean complete and utter gorgeousness.

Front & Main

Keep it simple: Naturally, many of you fall for this “matchy” art feel. Keep a strict color palette and neutral design for this look. Which is as stunning as ever in its simplest form.


Keep it on canvas: There are some art lovers out there that just cannot do large frames. And I don’t blame you. Canvas art will yield a raw and original feel and looks breathtaking in softer spaces because it creates such a contrast.


Keep it B&W: You might find yourself loving this black and white piece, and for good reason. This stunner will take your space to the next modern level, as do most strictly black and white pieces. Keep in mind a black and white piece will look amazing in both colorful and neutral spaces and will bring the contemporary out in either.


Keep it personal: Let your oversized art tell something about you. This beautiful piece creates a statement about the love for cars or maybe even that specific car. This piece might be so personal that the car featured is the owner’s car! With this option, the sky is the limit. Put up your passions to remind yourself what you love and for your visitors to admire.


Under en vind

If you have young kids you know their play space is their favorite place to be and should reflect their imagination, character, and passions. Here are a few tips to help you fulfill the playtime needs your kids desire with fun style and design.

In the image above the creator included their child’s favorites for playtime. Using the pretend play kitchen set as the focal point of the room makes it both adorable AND caters to a little girls dream.

Glamping Hub

Your kids will have a blast if you include a teepee into their play space. A teepee opens doors to so many playtime favorites AND also gives the littles a place to get some rest when having a sleepover.

The Boo and the Boy

If the space you have in mind for a playroom has hardwood floors, don’t panic! A large area rug gives a cozy feel and makes play comfortable without having to commit to carpeting.

Cush and Nooks

A splash of wallpaper gives uniqueness and sets a tone for the space, your kids will love having a whimsical wallpaper that speaks their personality.

Design Happens

Sometimes combining a bedroom and playroom is the best option for your little one. Set aside space for a play area to create a little separation between your toddlers wants and needs.







I absolutely love unique side tables and have been wanting to share with you some ideas of how you can rid of your typical table and bring some character to your living space or bedroom. There are SO many amazing ways to add charm, many of them being affordable and easy DIY’s. It is time to ditch the traditional and try one of these great side table looks. Use the links for additional detail.

The Vintage Box: These are old post office boxes that become the focus of this space.

A Beautiful Mess

The Metal Crate: Stack for height and store your books and flicks.

Urban Outfitters

The Metal Locker: Once you go with a hint of industrial, you won’t go back.


The stool: Serves multiple purposes, yields simplicity, and is a space saving wonder.

My House My Home

The Crate: To add a wooden element to your space, white wash and stand on its side for storage .

The Weathered Door

The Suitcase: Add legs and you are set with a vintage vibe.

At Home In Love

The Stump: Bring nature indoor for this all purpose (side table, step stool, seating) piece.

Kika Reichert

The Swing: An addition to truly “ooh and aww” about.

Murray Mitchell

The Floating Shelf: Keep a clean look with these wall mounted beauties.


The Pop of Neon: Spread cheer with this bright and fun accent piece.

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The Ana Mum Diary

Doing the colored sofa takes major guts. I constantly find myself being drawn to statement couches and give props to those who achieve this style without looking back. For those of you who are hesitant, here are some images of mega sofa inspiration and a few styling tips to help you create this unforgettable look you dream of…

Splendid Willow

Oh how I adore this orange sofa. Keeping the wall behind your couch neutral and simple will create that pop!

House of Turquoise 

Alone this couch might not have the zeal that it has. Add natural elements, like wicker and wooden accents, to tame and compliment the statement hue.

Savvy Home

Style to the floors of your home. These black and white floors are gorgeous and were just waiting to be highlighted with a statement piece.

Harpers Bazaar

Some sofas, like this perfect salmon one, just need to be pillow free. I often consider pillows as a must, and that is not always the case. This couch is so classic and we love this look because the sofa presents so pure and simple. If you’re not quite satisfied with your sofa as is, try removing pillows that may take away from its appeal.

Melissa Mercier

Use accent pieces that favor your couch. Maybe you are considering ridding of your vintage sofa that has been around forever. Think again, the right accents will help you fall in love with your statement piece all over again. The brass elements here do wonders for this green sofa.

Design Love Fest

Pair your bright sofa with a neutral rug to keep your design from being a neon frenzy. This well rounded room has the right amount of turquoise and the wow factor is completed by adding the cozy rug and very little bits of additional accent colors.



The Glitter Guide

More often than not a TV may become an eye sore amongst amazing design and styling in your living space. These images are all fabulous gallery walls that prove you don’t have to sacrifice great style for some much loved screen time. Here’s to inspiring your Thursday…


T Magazine

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Good morning friends!!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

I wanted to start this week off on Simply Grove by sharing with you my favorite color palette right now.  These soft, nude colors are taking my breathe away at the moment.  I’m thinking a DIY with these colors is in the horizon for me!

via April and May.

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Happy Monday Ya’ll!!!  I am loving this vintage dining room.  I don’t think I would prefer any of the accessories without each other.  But the over all design of the room works, and works very well!

Via design is mine (via BHG).



There are quite a few gold accessories and accents in this room.  I think it works so well because the gold is paired with whites, creams and splashes of brown and plum.  The variety of textures (wood, glass, brass, plastic) also create a rich environment with nothing unnoticed.

via Elle Interior.



Most know that I am an advocate of white paint and white spaces.  But I do love my fair share of colors!  These 3 spaces show how easy and flawless it is to introduce one or several colors in a single space.

via Martha Stewart.






Fall is a favorite in the Grove household.  The colors, smells and textures tend to get richer and warmer.  After a hot summer, feeling a chill and resting in warm blankets sounds oh so heavenly.  Cheers to fall!!

via Pinterest, Dos Family, West Elm, Pinterest, Vineet Kaur, Coyuchi, Pinterest and Design* Sponge.