It’s no surprise that I love dressing my kids. There are so many awesome options for kids clothing and with two kids that love fashion, how can I not love it. Recently Eden Jo received this confetti print dress from Sailor Rose. Now, Eden has had quite her share of dresses over the years. I have to say that this is my FAVORITE dress yet! The fit, the fabric, all of it. It’s hard not to dress her in it every other day. And she feels the same. She says that it makes her feel like she’s always going to a tea party. Love that!

Read my complete review on Sailor Rose over at Cool Mom Picks.



One passion I have in life is dressing my kids. Both are extremely willing to try new outfits and both love fashion. Thank you Jesus! Right now I have serious love for a few clothing sites, including MUNKSTOWN, My Little Square and Wintery Water Factory. Here are a few outfits from each site that my kids have been calling their winter wardrobes.

Ethan is rocking the circle pink tee from MUNKSTOWN.  He also has the triangle green tee that he wears constantly!

Eden Jo and Ethan are rocking Wintery Water Factory this winter. Eden loves her Aurora dress and Ethan looks cozy cool in his Pirate Ship tee.

Ethan is staying warm and looking cool in his Dandy Star Bomber Eagle Jacket from My Little Square. I seriously cannot get enough of this site!!

Shop My Little Square, Wintery Water Factory and MUNKSTOWN for some cool holiday threads and great gift ideas!



What can I say Tea Collection!  You’ve produced some sweet threads once again!

When my kids started school it was still so hot outside.  I was super excited to have the weather cool down a bit just because they could wear their cute back to school pieces from Tea Collection.  Eden is wearing the Finn Flora T-Shirt Dress which I paired with leggings from Target and shoes from Zara.  Ethan has the Mod Stripe Tee on which is paired with H&M jeans, shoes from Target and a red belt from Shawn White for Target.

Thanks Tea Collection!

This is not a sponsored post. I agreed to accept and write about Tea Collection because I’m a huge fan of their product.



They’ve Got Style is poking it’s head back in the game with Eden rocking this cuter than cute clothing line.  I am so in love with this line, Girl and a Mouse, sold at Little Bean.  Which can we just talk about Little Bean??!!  I could buy EVERYTHING!  Seriously!  Ok, back to the clothes-  Girl and a Mouse is whimsical yet so super stylish for your little girl.  Eden is modeling the Flare Pom Skirt and the Sailor Jacket.  Underneath the jacket is the Indigo Tee.

Cute cute cute!!

Btw, her shoes are Target and Headband is Gap.






I thought that my recovery time for getting over a collection of viruses would be slim to none.  I mean with me being a mom and stuff, I don’t have time to sit around…ya know??  Well, here I am, still in bed and my husband being the superman that he is, is taking on all roles, including getting the kids all ready for their first day of school today.  I did muster up 5 minutes of strength to make sure Eden’s hair didn’t have anything living in it.  Both kids successfully made it to school (isn’t Eden a doll-face??) and I was sad to miss the moment but they will just have to let me replay it again later this week!

I’ll be back well rested and ready to post some great design!!




I haven’t posted a They’ve Got Style in awhile.  This is the perfect post to bring it out of retirement!  Recently Tea Collection sent my kids some pretty cool threads.  We picked out stripes, a little bit of checkers and a few other cuter than cute options.

Check out this mini shoot with my kids and the oh so talented Joyce Alexander.  (Speaking of Joyce, she’s is amazing.  Really, truly amazing.)

I paired the Ubud Ikat Top from Tea Collection with this cute skirt from Harajuku Mini for Target.

These color block shorts are Ethan’s favorite piece of clothing right now!  They’re super comf.

I love stripes on kids and Eden loves to wear stripes so this dress is perfect!  The Happy Morning striped dress is comfortable yet so stylish.  I paired it with a pair of socks from Bobo Choses.

Ethan has already worn this outfit a number of times!  The Poleng long shorts matched with the Fish Market tee is a nice, relaxed ensemble for the summer time.

So….do YOU want to win a $150 Tea Collection e-Gift Certificates??????  Here’s your chance.

All you have to do is leave a comment below to enter!  If you Tweet about it or Facebook about, that will give you more entry’s.  And if you start following  Simply Grove on Twitter or Facebook, that will give you another two entry’s.  Just don’t forget to leave an extra comment, telling me. Contest will close Sunday night at midnight and I will announce the winner on Monday.

HOPE YOU WIN!!!! xxoo



Today’s They’ve Got Style is with Eden and her cousin Kenzie, who happens to be the inspiration behind Kenziepoo.  These two girls adore each other… most of the time.  Oh sisterly love!

In this image, Kenzie is wearing a Let Them Eat Cake jacket and Eden is wearing a Jumina shirt.

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Continuing with the excitement of the new site, I decided to give They’ve Got Style a new look.  My kids are pretty stoked about this change.  They think it looks like they’re flying.  What kid doesn’t want to fly…:)

Brands represented:  Zara, H&M, Jumina, Harajuku Mini for Target, Esprit and Report.



Eden’s outfit- Thrifted pleather jacket, Zara shirt (which is obviously her favorite shirt right now), Zara leggings, Target cheetah pom pom hair tie, Esprit socks and Report shoes.  Ethan’s outfit- H&M Jacket, Tea Collection T-shirt and H&M jeans.



Ethan wasn’t thrilled to get his picture taken on this particular day, but we did it none the less.

Eden’s outfit- Thrifted Levi Jacket, Zara Shirt, Missoni for Target Skirt, Ethan’s socks and H&M shoes.  Ethan’s outfit- Target Leather Jacket, H&M Jeans and Target Shoes.

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I think that I have more fun dressing my kids than myself, especially Ethan.  It’s  a challenge to dress boys and make them look hip but still keep their cute boyhood.  Here’s this weeks They Got Style.

Ethan’s outfit- H&M Jacket, Zara shirt, H&M Jeans and Converse Shoes.  Eden’s outfit- Thrifted plaid shirt, Forever 21 shirt, Nordstrom Rack lace skirt and Target striped bow.



My Eden Jo is one of those girls who could wear a paper bag as a dress and make it look awesome!  I try and dress her as much as I can, which she still doesn’t mind, but she will still add her own Eden Jo flair to it.  She loves girly prints, bows, sparkles and pink but still appreciates plaids and denim.

Both if my kids have awesome style, so welcome to their new fashion column, They Got Style.