Hi friends! I have been meaning to post Eden’s bedroom for quite some time now. Summer seemed to have gotten the best of me. There are so many cute details to go over. Let me start by telling you that Eden wanted an ice cream colored theme, including mint and sherbet peach. Lucky for me Oh Joy had just released her first Target party line. It had the perfect colors so I went ahead and used the wall decals and banner.

One accessory that you may immediately recognize is the kids shelf DIY, created by Elise Vaughn. It holds Eden’s monster finger puppet coolection:)

One of my favorite items in the room is the ombre toy tote from HomeGoods. It holds all of Eden’s stuffed animals, including this one from Land Of Nod.

We used a lot of colorful accessories that we had in her previous room. A few books, washi tape, her own handmade ceramics and other knick knacks.

That blanket and pillow? Some of the best things in this room! Both are by Happy Habitat. I can’t get enough of HH.

Also, another favorite detail in this room are the bed sheets. Crane & Canopy delivers high-quality designer bedding without the middle man markup.  They design original products and connect customers with world’s most premium factories, saving customers up to 70% off bedding, duvet covers and sheets.  All of Crane & Canopy’s bedding, duvet covers and sheets use soft and breathable, extra-long staple cotton, woven in 300+ thread count, hand-picked by the team for comfort and quality. A portion of all proceeds go towards Crane & Canopy’s cause initiative, “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence. Eden’s embroidered cotton sheet set is made from the finest quality extra-long staple cotton and woven in a cotton sateen in a 400 thread count. Linen heaven!!!

These cute Sprinkles bags from Dynomighty are exactly what Eden loves in life….sprinkles!!

Now lets talk about that rug!! You can never go wrong with black and white. This striped rug from Rugs Direct is exactly what Eden’s room needed. And lucky for YOU, you can win a $300 credit to Rugs Direct! Enter below for a chance to win a $300 gift certificate from Rugs Direct. One winner will be chosen at random by Thursday September 4th. Must be a resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. Hope you win!

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Sheets- Crane and Canopy

Blanket and Pillow- Happy Habitat

Quilt- Handmade by Eden’s Aunt

Rug- Rugs Direct

Toy Tote and Bedside Table- HomeGoods

Stuffed Animals, Cloud Banner, Paper Flowers- Land Of Nod

Turquoise Light- Target

Wall Decals, Happy Day Banner- Oh Joy for Target

Sprinkle Bags- DynoMighty






My kids have shared a room for the last 4 years. They have both loved there time together but now that they are getting older, they want their own spaces. So I recently transformed my office into Eden’s very own bedroom. Ethan is staying up in their once shared room. I will be posting pics of Eden’s entire space next week. Today you get a glimpse of the space, only because Elise Vaughn did another fantastic DIY specifically for Eden’s bedroom. This DIY shelf is the cutest thing ever! And Eden is totally in love with it. Take it away, Elise!

*  First select the wood and rope that you want to use- I found my bundle of white and neon rope at Fred Meyer for 8.99 and the piece of wood came from ReStore for 1.39!!

*  Next measure the shelf lengths from your wood, mark and cut to size.


*  Then you will need to measure and mark spacing for your drill holes in each corner of your shelf planks- chose a drill bit the same width as your rope so that it is a nice snug fit. also make sure that the holes line up for all of the shelves.
*  Next you will want to take your rope and wrap some sticky tape around the end so that it is easier to thread thru the corner holes.
*  Cut a length six times the total height of your shelf.
*  Begin at the top shelf corner hole- doesn’t matter which one.  Thread the rope all the way through leaving a 2 foot tail.  Make sure you are threading from the top of the shelf down.  With the tail of your rope extended beyond the top of the shelf, tie a knot in the rope under the board.  Don’t tie it to tight until all of your knots have been made, incase you need to adjust any of the lengths and knot placements.
*  continue threading your rope through the top of the next shelve and tie a knot under the board and so forth until you have evenly spaced out your number of shelves.
*   Once you get to the bottom shelf tie a knot under the board and then another knot that will sit under the adjacent hole.  Then thread the rope back up towards the top- tying a knot below each board before you thread it through.
*  Now that you are back at the top shelf with all of your excess rope, allow for a triangle hang pitch above the tope shelf and bring the row over to the opposite corner holes and begin the process over again, evenly spacing your knots and boards.
*  Once you have successfully threaded the rope through all four corners of your shelves – tie your original rope tail and the rope remnant together to be hung over the shelf suspension dowel.
*  The shelve suspension dowel is constructed from a plunger dowel and a metal pipe thread disk from the hardware store.

* You can either paint the metal disc or leave it as is.

*  Measure the length of dowel that you want and cut.

*  Thread the dowel into the pipe disc
* Screw the pipe disc into your wall and suspend your rope shelf from it.
* I added some tassels that I made out of white yarn to the base of my shelf- completely optional!

Presto an inexpensive and functional suspending wall shelf.

Shop Elise Vaughn’s kid clothing line here.




I have been wanting to add a reading corner in my kids bedroom for awhile now. Their bedroom, which they share, is a really large space and perfect for adding a fun, educational area. I partnered with Target to create this home library project. The Target School Library Makeover program is part of Target’s commitment to helping more children learn to read proficiently by the end of third grade. It’s an amazing program that makes moms like me happy to know that children’s education is still top priority. Which is exactly why I am all for creating a space that is learning friendly for my kids.

I chose this Threshold bookshelf to display all of the kid beloved books. It was a simple solution for making there colorful books pop out.

I displayed some fun prints from The Pattern Box along with art pieces by my son.

I’ve had my eye on this Nate Berkus rug for awhile and finally decided to use it in this space. If you’re in need of a stylish neutral, this is your solution!

Learn more about the Target School Library Makeover project here.

Additional Items- Cloud garland, Star Pendant, Throw Pillow, Triangle Decals.




While looking through the website of the Finnish magazine Kotivinkki, I found some gorgeous white spaces full of personality and character. Some have white floors and some have wooden floors. Either way, these white spaces feel fresh and clean. The kitchen above gives me total kitchen envy.

I love how this little boys room feels playfully mature with the mixture of patterns and woods.

This piano has quite the lovely vignette displayed on top.

This white room has no lack of color. That pouf is my favorite!

This persian rug completes this stylish yet relaxed bedroom.

I’m loving the pop of color seen in the geometric shapes.

Couldn’t you just lounge in this space all day long?!

This pretty bedroom has a great variety of patterns and materials throughout.

This spa like space feels complete with the collection of ceramics.

See more here.