I had to show you this adorable kids room sponsored by Ferm Living. There are so many unexpected details throughout the room. One of my favorite things is the cord light hanging off of the branch above the workspace. I also love the collection of Ferm Living pillows on the bed. It just shows that with a little imagination, you can create the funnest space for your kids. A few ideas for filling a kids space are fun and colorful art, wall decals, vintage toys, colorful books and modern objects. Think outside the box and your kids will rejoice!

For more awesome kids’ spaces and more, visit my cousin Rachelle’s blog, Kenziepoo.



Here’s a collage of ideas for a little girl’s space that I recently sent to a client.  There’s nothing like designing a whimsical space for a precious little girl!

Bedding via Dwell Studio, DIY tent via A Beautiful Mess, Art Print via My Sweet Muffin, Orchard Nightlight via Twig Creative and Ceramic Bowl via Ross Lab.






With summer here, my kids and I spend alot of time together.  I’m loving every moment of it!  The only downfall is when mommy has to work, the kids get bored.  Any advice from you mommy’s that work from home??  What fun home activities can you suggest?

Btw, I finally got a new camera so expect lots of pictures!!

Melissa & Doug Puzzle.



In a world of many many ABC posters, I thought this particular one was super cute for a kids space!  Each little animal is obsessively adorable that you want to squeeze each one individually.  Well, maybe besides the jelly fish.  I think my favorite is the hippo.  Nothing like a baby hippo, right??  

via Holli.