Issue 9 of La Petite Magazine is out as of yesterday and it’s so good!  You’ll find lots of lovely fashion, DIY’s and Decor ideas.  Also, check out my quick tips for kid’s spaces and nurseries.  Above are a few of my favorite room features from this issue.  To see more, go visit La Petite Magazine today!

Great job La Petite team!!


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Issue 8 of La Petite Magazine is out and it’s FANTASTIC!!  This is their summer issue, inspired by the desert.  The photography is breathtaking and the clothes…the clothes… lets just say that you’ll want to re-style your kids one by one.  You will also find quick tips from me that will hopefully inspire your children’s spaces.  Enjoy!

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If you haven’t already done so, you must check out issue 7 of La Petite Magazine.  It’s packed full of incredible photography, DIY projects, beautiful kids rooms, inspiring art and much much more.  On page 51, you will find Eden and I’s Bracelet DIY as well as my Quick Tips, weaved throughout this issue.  Great job Rachelle and team!!

Also enter here to win the La Petite prize pack, worth $800.


Shown above are some of my favorite kid’s spaces, featured in the newest issue of La Petite Magazine.  I am loving all the use of color.  These rooms are flooded with creativity!



Issue 6 of La Petite Magazine is out and it is SO GOOD!!!!  Fashion, interior and art inspiration for the little one awaits you in this jam packed with goodness issue!  You can view my decor quick tips weaved throughout the issue and my glove diy on page 300.  That cute model that I used for the glove diy is non other than my handsome boy.

Great job La Petite team and Rachelle Francey!!!!


Issue 5 of La Petite Magazine is out, as of Monday!  This is my favorite issue thus far.  My cousin, Rachelle, and her team have created such a beautiful spread!  You must check it out.  (Eden and I had fun doing a Sunglass DIY, seen below)



Have you seen the newest issue of La Petite Magazine??  It is pure loveliness!!  Everything from the fashion spreads to the bedroom quick tips.  You will leave having so much inspiration for your kids!  My cousin Rachelle and her whole team deserve a round of applause.  (I’m clapping!)

Find Eden’s “three ways to wear a flower” on page 67 and my interview on page 87.



Sneak Peek...

Here is a sneak peek of a photoshoot I did for La Petite Magazine.  The cutie pie??  My Ethan!
Issue 3 will be out the first of February.  It’s going to be pretty great!!