House Tour via Simply Grove

This house tour is deeply rooted in scandinavian design. The simple neutral tones and textures throughout this home create a relaxing yet stylish space. And I love all of the simple art and pattern choices!

House Tour via Simply Grove


House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove


Images: Alvhem

See the entire house tour here.



I was pretty quick to take down my Christmas decorations this year. Mostly because I had the flu through the holidays, which meant I was laying on the couch looking at the decorations for a long.long.long time. I decided to give the mantel a festive look for New Years and the month of January. I kept some of my Christmas decor including this Star garland from Land Of Nod and this lantern garland from Serena & Lily. I also kept this felt wreathe, also from Land Of Nod, hanging above the mantel. It’s a festive for look to celebrate 2014!


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1. I love this screen that gives separation from a space that should be private like a closet or laundry room. This is also a glimpse of an extensive house tour we will be sharing on Monday via Decor8blog that is sure to inspire, so check back for all the details of this home next week.

2. Perfect execution of the term ‘Merry and Bright’ via Anthology Mag.

3. Dining that includes a sofa?? LOVE via AnneSage.






Needing an idea for a very small space? This sitting area via Pinterest shows that every bit of your home can be beautiful and useful even if it is not a huge space. The accent wall creates depth. The simplicity of the decor and the gray and white color palette keeps it from looking too busy. Get the look…

1 Wall Planter 2 Pendant 3 Coffee Table 4 Rocker 5 Sofa



This week I wanted to give some inspiration all to cozying up! Throws can be used in so many ways and Christina Loucks shows that beautifully in her styled shoot for West Elm. You can’t ever have too many blankets and throws in your home, it is just a matter of what to do with them all! Here are some great ways to mix in throws with your everyday decor.

All images by Heidi Geldhauser. Styling by Christina Loucks.

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Sarah from Smitten Studio is clearly a design genius. She has been working on her new home and gave a glimpse into her living space that I just had to share. Not only is it aesthetically GORGEOUS but it gives such a clean and organized feel even when incorporating some of her vintage pieces and favorite accessories. If you are taking notes: mixing brand new furniture pieces (like her west elm storage) with used market finds (like her chair and coffee table) can’t be done any better…much love for this space.

all images and styling done by Sarah Sherman Samuel.



1. Just a few of my absolute favorites from Uncommon Goods. They have a great Women’s Gift and Home Goods section with some fabulous, unpredictable finds including jewelry, textiles, and accent decor. This couldn’t have come at a better time for holiday shopping!

2. Hello beautiful space, from A House in the Hills.

3. In a week full of unbelievable fireplace inspiration, this gorg set up via Pinterest couldn’t be forgotten.






Dustjacket via Domino

I am falling for this lavish living space, complete with the cozy appeal and beautiful pieces of art. This space doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort and that is the best quality in any space of your home! Here are the pieces to get this look:

1 lamp, 2 couch, 3 rug, 4 coffee table, 5 mirror (similar), 6 pillow





I am adoring this living room of Victoria’s from SF Girl By Bay. Out of all the spaces to be re-invented before the holidays arrive, the living space is at the top of list because most of your time spent with friends and family is in this space. If you are needing some inspiration here is the perfect blueprint for you to make a few changes to your living room. Use your favorite statement piece of art and add some of your own spice of throw pillows and you’ll love this recipe of a space. Get the look:

1 Rug 2 Pouf 3 Lamp 4 Sofa 5 Pillow 6 Table



There are some little changes happening in the Simply Grove household. With fall here, I wanted to add some cozy details. Besides my mini pumpkins proving fall has come, I have added a lamp, throw, and candle all from Pottery Barn.

The Photographer’s Task Table Lamp has been quite a hit in my household. My kids enjoy reading books under it before bed and the lamp adds an industrial feel to my soft living space. The Flameless Mercury Candle Pot fits in great with my other decor. I always always ALWAYS have candles lit in my office, but you can never be too safe when you have littles playing and wrestling in the living room. This candle lights up and gives off the perfect glow at night.

For my most favorite new accessory, the Crochet Knit Trim Throw is soft, neutral, and gives a vintage appeal that only a very special great grandma’s knitting could do. You can’t find a timeless throw, brand new, like this very often. I’m oh so in love!

All images by Kirsten Grove.

Shop these Pottery Barn products and much more here.


My Scandinavian Home

If the floors aren’t amazing enough, the textiles are…

Blood and Champagne

I obviously love chairs, and this aged, tufted, leather chair gets me…

Desire to Inspire 

A black and white space true to its swedish roots….



The Ana Mum Diary

Doing the colored sofa takes major guts. I constantly find myself being drawn to statement couches and give props to those who achieve this style without looking back. For those of you who are hesitant, here are some images of mega sofa inspiration and a few styling tips to help you create this unforgettable look you dream of…

Splendid Willow

Oh how I adore this orange sofa. Keeping the wall behind your couch neutral and simple will create that pop!

House of Turquoise 

Alone this couch might not have the zeal that it has. Add natural elements, like wicker and wooden accents, to tame and compliment the statement hue.

Savvy Home

Style to the floors of your home. These black and white floors are gorgeous and were just waiting to be highlighted with a statement piece.

Harpers Bazaar

Some sofas, like this perfect salmon one, just need to be pillow free. I often consider pillows as a must, and that is not always the case. This couch is so classic and we love this look because the sofa presents so pure and simple. If you’re not quite satisfied with your sofa as is, try removing pillows that may take away from its appeal.

Melissa Mercier

Use accent pieces that favor your couch. Maybe you are considering ridding of your vintage sofa that has been around forever. Think again, the right accents will help you fall in love with your statement piece all over again. The brass elements here do wonders for this green sofa.

Design Love Fest

Pair your bright sofa with a neutral rug to keep your design from being a neon frenzy. This well rounded room has the right amount of turquoise and the wow factor is completed by adding the cozy rug and very little bits of additional accent colors.






My Paradissi

Theres something about this space that is undeniable. Maybe it is the comfiest looking couch, or all the personal touches that compliment the larger pieces. Deciding on furniture is always a little tricky, so I wanted to give you just that for this weeks get the look and let you add all the smaller goodies that make the space yours. I also like this image because not everyone has a large living room and this shows you can have comfort and style in a relatively small space. Bigger is not always better, especially when you can add your own character and charm! Falling for this space? Get the look…

1, 2, 3, 4






Take a look at this home from Skona Hem.  Taking a space with bones full of character and adding modern furniture and pieces often become my favorite designs. This space has so many color contrasts combined with a truly “lived in” look; I fall in love with the details every time I see these images…

More details on this home here.





Image via Media Lopek

This week I am so pleased to share the thoughts of longtime actress and DIY expert Danielle Nicolet. You can find her most recently in ABC’s new comedy “Family Tools”. You can also find her off the screen restoring run down homes to life as a hobby that occupies her downtime. She grew up in Ohio and as a young girl moved to southern California to train for gymnastics. Not too long after, she pursued acting and it was evident that acting was her passion.

via Pinterest

Her inspiration for home renovation and DIY is her childhood. She grew up very poor and her family would often live in homes that needed a lot of work. It was common for her to help fix up their house for as cheap as possible. Her need became a passion as she loves the accomplished feeling of a renovated and glowing home that once was unlivable.

via Pinterest

When asking her what trends she sees lately in design she says, “I see a lot of streamlining, and updating of 70’s style. Clutter free, stress reducing design.  All the clean lines of the mid-century modern stuff without the awful fabrics!”

Orange is her all time favorite color to incorporate into design, and when used right can really warm up a room and give it a pop of color. Danielle loves many design styles and doesn’t like to stick with just one aesthetic. She prefers to design to what the space has to offer and often incorporates different styles into the same room.

I loved her response when asking how closely fashion and home design are related. She feels you should only wear what looks good on you, and same for your home. If you style appropriately to the bones of your home, you can’t go wrong!

It was SO great chatting with Danielle! Be sure to see her in ABC’s comedy Family Tools.