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I Instagrammed my studio this week and got some inquiries about my desk. I’ve had this desk for a few years now and I’m just not getting tired of it. My father in law built the sawhorse legs and my husband built the top. We used Surface Skin from Blik to cover the desk top. Though it doesn’t offer storage. it offers all of the tabletop space that I need! Go here for a somewhat easy sawhorse desk DIY. If you’re not in the place to build one, Ikea has these leg options and tabletop options. Below are more sawhorse desks to feast your eyes on.

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via simply grove

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I am so thrilled to be featuring Cori Magee’s apartment on Simply Grove. Cori Magee is an amazing graphic designer who has an eye for everything cool and stylish. Her scandinavian design inspired space feels so comfortable yet so put together. Cori’s space is also relatable and doesn’t feel stuffy nor too proper. I asked Cori a few questions. Enjoy below.

What inspires you when decorating your space?

I find so much design inspiration on-line, both digital-magazines and design blogs. I also enjoy a handful of printed mags, like Dwell, Living Etc., El Mueble, Elle Decoration UK and Habitania) Also, museums, restaurants, the sidewalk….inspiration is everywhere.

How would you describe your interior aesthetic?
Not an easy question to answer. I pull my ideas from so many places and then I decide what works for me and the way I live. Ultimately I think I enjoy a modern aesthetic mixed with old and new, warm wood finishes mixed with a black and white palette… Modern Merger? Can that be a thing? Sort of like personal labels, I think interiors should just be what they want to be, typically it won’t just be one singular style, but a combination. And no matter which styles are combined, it should always represent your personality.

What are your favorite home decor shops/websites?

I want all kinds of things from One Nordic, a blanket from Ferm Living and a rug from Loom. I need lighting from One Forty Three and Patrick Townsend. Our place should have a few pieces from Norman Copenhagen and Moorea Seal has pretty home accessories. I have fun shopping Society6 for art and accessories, and I really want a large Britt Bass piece when we have more space. If I could, I would buy-out Bodie and Fou, they’ve done a brilliant job curating lots of my fave shops into one. Lastly, I’ll never stop shopping Ikea, love it. The list does go on, but I’ll stop.

Visit Cori’s awesome blog here. Thank you, Cori!!

Photography by Alyssa Ratowski.

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We love Master & Master. It’s stackable and stylish pieces for the office, bedroom and any other room in need of shelving and tables. I personally would love to outfit my entire office in Master & Master. Shop here.



I have been eying this Snug Studio Calendar for awhile now. I finally gave in and purchased it for my office. Happy {pink} Valentines to me! (Image via my Instagram, which you should follow because I have some GOOD giveaways next week just on Insta.)

I hope you have a day full of love and joy!

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How to decorate using primary colors.
Bright accents in modern spaces.
Shop some pretty red and pink for your home.

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OYOY is a newly established Danish interior design company. Their designs are innovative, fresh and modern. OYOY creates high-quality products focussing on form, function, colour and exquisite materials. “We are inspired by the classic, Scandinavian style, adding undertones of simple, Japanese design and a passion for combining color and materials. The result is a unique blend of simplicity and colourful design.”

I will take one of everything please.

Shop OYOY here.



Sally England

Fun quilt as wall decor.

79 Ideas

An inspiring office space.

Interior Junkie

Devine chair.






Home Life featured this gorgeously styled room by Julie Green and Captured by Armelle Habib. It really caught my eye not only because it is aesthetically beautiful, but it makes having an office space in a bedroom breathtaking and functional. See more below to get tips on how to create a lovable, working space like this…

Use side tables and wall hooks for extra storage and convenience.

Place your desk or table towards the window to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors while inside. You will feel much more inspired peeping outdoors and soaking in some natural light, rather than facing a wall.

Use your favorite dresser as desk storage in addition to clothes storage. When you have extra storage, you can keep your desk de-cluttered and organized.

Use greenery to bring freshness and life to your sleep and work space.

Great lighting is always an essential. See more tips on the design of this room from Home Life here.


via Suite NY

When you have a study space like this and handy desk accessories with great design, back to school could not be better for parents and kids alike! What a treat to study in such a serene space. There is nothing more inspiring than an uncluttered and organized office space to get work done.

If you feel the same love I have for these furniture and office pieces, shop here.

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I’m loving the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Also, thank you BHG for featuring me in their August issue.

Some days you just need to put a cute dress on and twirl.

My good friends have a farmhouse that is impeccably decorated, love this corner of their home.

Simply Grove headquarters…where the magic happens!

Bittersweet moment sending my kids on their way for the first day of school!

Enjoy, dare I say, the last weekend in August! Oh how the time flies.

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When styling homes, I consistently find what I need at West Elm. They have been a constant recourse of modern, timeless and on trend pieces. They’ve just launched some new items and I’m loving them all. They have a few new sofas that are the cats meow. I’m also loving most every single new chair.

This desk! Someone, please get it.

Love this TV console table. I give the legs two thumbs up.

This is a great streamlined sofa. Neutral enough to go with a plethora of styles.

Everyone needs a good pouf.

Here’s some other pieces that I’m loving at the moment. Shop all of their new arrivals here.

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These office spaces are all 3 very different but I would take all 3 of them in a second. I can’t get enough of the rug in this office space, above. It seems like such a cozy, stylish space, complete with a gorgeous desk.

I wouldn’t mind looking at a wall full of pretty art and photography. Especially if you didn’t have large windows to look out at.

This small space is an eclectic mix of loveliness. And that green can stay around for awhile!

via Miss Moss, The Bower Birds, Sfgirlbybay.



One of my e-friends, who I’ve admired from a distance for awhile now, recently had her home featured on Style Me Pretty. Christina Loucks has spot on taste and her home is proof of just that. I’m loving the mix of textures and patterns. She has created an organically modern masterpiece. Lovely!

See the entire tour here.

Photography by Heidi Geldhauser.






One of my favorite office brands to date is Russell+Hazel. They have a fierce selection of office accessories, gifts, wedding items and so much more. Here are a few of my favorite items that I have in my own office.

Smart Deck Calendar, Clipboard, Tape Dispenser, Clutch Portfolio.

Shop Russell+Hazel here.

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If you are in the need of some serious shelving and you have a good budget to work with, may I suggest the 606 Shelving System by Dieter Rams. This system is a modular system composed of various upright elements to be customized with hanging flat or inclined shelves, garment rods under shelves, 2 or 3 drawer units, cabinets with flap down or retractable doors creates and internal movable shelves. A floating desk is also available.

See the entire collection here.



Happy Monday! I woke up with a massive summer and sun hangover. To try and regain some inspiration, I went on Pinterest and found this beauty of an office. I’m loving the deep gray color. It creates such a moody, stylish space. See more of this space here.

If you are needing more interior inspiration, jump on over to BHG Style Spotters where I posted about the classic red, white and blue palette.