Image: Turbulences

Have you ever seen a picture of a well styled dresser, buffet or bookshelf and wondered how to achieve the same look? It can feel like an overwhelming task but can actually be a simple task. It just takes some creativity and out of the box thinking.

A few items that will create a clean, modern vignette-
Unique objects.
Books with beautiful covers.

You can stay neutral with your color choices or add in pops of color. Whatever your preference is, keep things simple and clean.

Image: Emily Henderson

Above we see a collection of glass objects placed in a cluster. Styled around it is a variety of neutral items with splashed of green.

Images Avenue and This Is Glamorous 

You can never go wrong with stacks of magazines or books and leaning art.

Image: Concept By Anna

This vignette is bright and white mixed with a little pottery.

Image: Weekday Carnival

Unique objects from travels can create great conversation starters. I am all for a home with lots of personality.

Images: Sfgirlbybay and Weekday Carnival

More styled vignettes with simple accessories.

Image: Weekday Carnival

If anything, go black and white for a super cool modern approach.

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If you are in the need of some serious shelving and you have a good budget to work with, may I suggest the 606 Shelving System by Dieter Rams. This system is a modular system composed of various upright elements to be customized with hanging flat or inclined shelves, garment rods under shelves, 2 or 3 drawer units, cabinets with flap down or retractable doors creates and internal movable shelves. A floating desk is also available.

See the entire collection here.



The colors, the patterns, the textures, I love it all!! What is this, you ask?? Created by Australia’s wildly popular design blog, The Design Files, The Design Files Open House is the ultimate stylized Melbourne home, with an added bonus, everything is for sale! From bedlinen to books, artwork, furniture, kitchenware and lighting, each and every item can be purchased on the spot. Brilliant!

Now if only I lived closer.



This DIY shelving unit seen on A Beautiful Mess, seems easy enough and gives off the the perfect industrial feel for any space.  If you have a small space and need extra storage, check this DIY out for yourself.

Also, another great DIY for small spaces or large spaces alike is the Dorm tape picture frame seen on Design* Sponge.  Perfect for rentals, dorm rooms and any other temporary space.


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