Happy Sunday, friends!! This is a fun day for me, being able to show you my bedroom makeover. I mentioned to you this past week (check out my post here) that I partnered with Sherwin Williams again for National Painting Week. This year I chose to focus on my bedroom and give it fresh coat of color. I love the result!

Before, the bedroom was painted in a white/mint hue. It worked for us but after awhile I wanted a change. A dramatic change.

I chose to paint just one wall, my bed wall, in Rock Bottom, a super deep charcoal. It instantly gave my bedroom a different feel. I use mostly white bedding so I wanted to create a dramatic contrast. Also, I used Sherwin Williams Emerald paint, which covered quite nicely. We used just under 2 gallons for this project.

I’m on a major brass and gold kick and the combo of gold and charcoal is flooring me! Knowing myself, I might be talking several clients into this look.

I chose not to use a headboard. The wall itself is my giant headboard and I love the simplicity of it all. Sometimes too much can take away from a space.

So there you have it! Thanks Sherwin Williams for inspiring us all to add new life into our homes by a simple coat of paint.

Head over to Curbly today to see what paint project they’ve created! And check out yesterdays projects from The Decorista and The City Sage. Also get a sneak peek of all 14 paint projects over on Huffington Post. AND the Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week SuperSale started yesterday and goes through April 22nd. It will offer 40% off paints and stains and 30% off painting supplies.

This post is brought to you by Sherwin Williams. All opinions are completely mine.






How many of us agree that paint can change the entire look and mood of a space?! A room can look completely different in only a day when painted. Or piece of furniture can have a totally new look when painted. That is why I’m a paint advocate! And why I have teamed up Sherwin Williams again for National Painting Week, this week! Remember last year when I painted my husband’s junior high dresser for NPW?? Well this year I’m tackling my bedroom! I knew that I wanted a dark moody grey to create a dramatic wall in my bedroom. I had been admiring grey bedrooms (like both shown) for awhile. That’s where Sherwin Williams Chip It application came in handy!

I downloaded my favorite grey bedroom online and this application matched paint colors to it. GENIUS! It made the decision that much easier. And it also showed me what accent colors to use. I’m sold on this application and will be using it for my clients.

So peeps, starting TODAY, National Painting Week will feature painting ideas, lots of color inspiration, product information and crazy cool projects from 14 design bloggers, starting with Little Green Notebook and Coco+KelleyMake sure that you stop by each blog this week to check out their projects. My project will be live here on Simply Grove Sunday, April 21st. Happy painting!

Images via Desire to Inspire and 79 Ideas.

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You wouldn’t really consider black a Christmas color, right?  These images above have proven that simple black winter accessories are modern and still festive. It creates a really nice backdrop for either staying neutral or adding color too. An easy way to add black is spray painting existing decor items that you haven’t really used much. A nice black coat will do the trick in revitalizing your things. So get that paint out and have some fun!


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When I thought I was tired of seeing all white spaces, I found this beautiful home. It feels so serene and open. I always love when black and brown are used in the furniture and accessories. I also love when color is splashed around a white space. White creates the perfect backdrop for all of those awesome belongings to pop. If you ever wondered how you can get this look, you’re going to have to be brave and paint your space bright white. The easiest way to paint an entire room, floor to ceiling is with paint spray tools, like airless sprayers. This is for the strong in heart only.

Could you live in an all white space?

Image via Line Thit Klein.

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Each of these spaces have splashes of color in unexpected places.  I love the idea of colored cabinets, colored floors and colored furniture.  Of course furniture is the easiest to change out.  Flooring and cabinets are a little more permanent.  But I always say, go big or go home so let’s paint the town!



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Happy Monday!

Image via Bolia.com.






I will take both spaces please.



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Good morning friends!!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

I wanted to start this week off on Simply Grove by sharing with you my favorite color palette right now.  These soft, nude colors are taking my breathe away at the moment.  I’m thinking a DIY with these colors is in the horizon for me!

via April and May.

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I got a hold of some pink spray paint yesterday.  Let’s just say that there were a few victims involved including this metallic vase.

via Instagram.



Everyone is in need of a little color in their lives!  I used to lean on black & white alot in my decor but recently I have embraced color.  When introducing color to your accessories, it’s easy to change when you’re bored or over a specific color.  I usually bring color into pillows, ceramics, art and blankets.  I also love adding a super colorful furniture piece to a neutral room.

Do you embrace color in your decor?  Or does it scare you?

See the rest of this home at Simple Blueprint.



Well this is a fun image.






This is an easy way to add some quirkiness and character to your furniture.  Who said all DIY’s are hard??!!

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When I purchased the Docksta table from Ikea, I appreciated the white because you could pair it with so many styles and colors of chairs.  Because I have had the table for a few years now, boredom set in and I decided that it needed a makeover.  I chose to paint the base in this beautiful shade of green which is called Jadite from Sherwin Williams.  I love how the table looks paired with the Bertoia wire chairs!

What do you think?



Most know that I am an advocate of white paint and white spaces.  But I do love my fair share of colors!  These 3 spaces show how easy and flawless it is to introduce one or several colors in a single space.

via Martha Stewart.



I have been severely in to color this last week!  I color blocked my fireplace, which I love but is only temporary (I think).  I also worked on a project that involved giant colorful scalene triangles.  There is something energizing about color against a white backdrop.  I highly recommend it!!