I am a huge fan of spray paint. Always have been, always will be. Mostly because it’s such a quick and easy way to update an item. I found these vintage bottles on eBay. They came in a LOT of 8. I knew right away what I wanted to do with them, and it involved spray paint…shocker!

Matte black is so on trend right now. It looks modern, fresh and clean. I took each bottle and gave them one coat of matte black spray paint. The bottles that came with lids got one even coat from lid to bottom. That way when I’m not using it as a vase, I can use it as a cool piece on a shelf or table. After each bottle dried, I gave them one more coat. That will keep them from chipping easily. After they dried, i instantly had a modernized vase. Easy, right??

I used the new and improved vases for a dinner party. I wanted to keep the table simple and just use white and black. Between my white dishware and black vases, everything looked cool, calm and relaxed.

And what did I do with the bottles after the dinner party?? Displayed them all over the house! My favorite spot is on the mantle. I love fresh flowers in my house and this will keep my replenishing the vases.

This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay. Items were chosen by me.




If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Eden graduated from Kindergarten. I couldn’t be more proud of my little girl. To celebrate this moment, I threw a little party for our family of four to honor Eden Jo. And just in the nick of time because Martha Stewart recently launched MarthaCelebrations at JCPenney. I used the sterling collection and mixed it with natural elements in the branches. Eden has a lot of sparkle and hippy in her, so I thought this collaboration worked for her.

MarthaCelebration truly has every party need already figured out. You’ll find the colors you need in every party accessorie that you can think of. I’m convinced that I should throw a party a week just to use all of these fun products!

From June 7th – 14th, any of you who repin my party images from the #LetsCelebrate pin party board (and uses the hashtag #letscelebrate  in the caption) will be entered to win your very own celebration-in-a-box. Just think, you could throw a party for no other reason than to use some cool party products!

All the MarthaCelebrations at JCPenney products featured in this post were provided by the Editors at Martha Stewart Living, a team that loves a good party and deeply admires the bloggers who throw them.






Last week a close friend of mine turned 31.  This 31st year will a special one for this particular friend with the arrival of her husband who has been over seas fighting for his country, as well as the arrival of their son that they are adopting, who is due in July.  I look at my friend and her husband with such respect.  They are true hero’s!

Above is an image from the lovely party that was thrown for Naphtali, hosted at Jennifer’s abode, decorated by Jennifer.  See more of the party here.



What a precious party for a precious little girl.

This wallpaper from Minakani Walls is my new fave.  The colored eyes is such an unexpected surprise!

Stripes are a classic, right?  I would love these yellow stripes from West Elm on my daughters bed.

All images found on my Kiddos Pinterest Board.