I’ve been working with a client online who really likes mid century/modern/scandinavian but doesn’t feel like it fits her lifestyle.  She also doesn’t want to buy all new furniture and accessories.  She loves modern so we have decided to go with a mature modern aesthetic mixing traditional elements.  When I first saw this home on Savills, an estate agent that specializes in luxury properties, I knew right away that it was perfect inspiration for my client.  I mean that kitchen….amazing!  And I would pay big bucks for a patio like that (below).

This space is definitely more mature than my normal aesthetic but being a designer means flowing with many styles.  See, I can be mature!!!! 🙂






I will take both spaces please.



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I saw these images over at emmas designblogg from Elle Interiör and instantly started dreaming about my backyard and patio.  I am not much of an “exteriorist” but our new home already has the perfect setting so it’s alot easier for me to add things to it.  I love mixing vintage flee market finds with newer patio pieces.  Keeping it whimsical is so refreshing to me.

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The weather is getting beautiful here in Boise!  Its expected to be 80 degrees on Thursday.  Woop!  One of the many things I love about our home is the backyard.  it feels like a little oasis, complete with a waterfall.  I have a few pieces back there but hope to really decorate this week.  I am always torn between modern and organic outdoor spaces.  I think that I will take both please!

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