Happy V Day!! Ruche asked me to share my love story on their blog, so of course I had to talk about my 3 loves, my kids and hubby. Go here to read more.

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This new year has proven to be exciting, interesting and very un-predictable. I’m still trying to get all of my ducks in a row while getting caught up with the flu a few too many times. But in the midst of life and decisions and the day to day stuff, I love 2014 and I love where Simply Grove is going. So if it seems slow around here, I promise things will be picking up soon! Cheers to this New Year!

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As I write this post, I am gazing upon a fresh pile of snow while staying warm in my cozy home. It seems this weather has got me dreaming of much warmer climates. I am a bit of a cold weather baby…especially this year. Weather has nothing to do with this post but at least you know my opinion of snow….:)

When last year was wrapping up, I felt a switch in myself concerning this blog. 2013 proved to be a fun, adventures year for me. I traveled, met amazing people, designed some pretty fantastic spaces and counted my blessings daily. The one area that suffered because of my lifestyle was this blog. It lost it’s originality and began looking like every other blog. It’s no secret that my passion is for interior design. I live it, breathe it and love creating it. Like so many of you, I crave finding new spaces and new ideas online. That is what I want for Simply Grove. I want you to visit SG and learn basics, feel inspired and really understand who I am as a designer. With that being said, you will notice less posts a week. Replaced will be more meaty posts in exchange for a lot of short, worthless posts. My goal is to post more original content, practical advice that we all could use in our spaces and still offer gorgeous inspiration from all over the world. Design should be fun and enjoyed by all. SG is ready to have some major FUN this year! With all of that, I am planning on doing a site re-design. Out with the old and in with the new!!

I will also be using Pinterest more to promote products, room tours and new designs. Make sure to follow Simply Grove on Pinterest to see those changes.

I really do appreciate all of your support over these last several years. There are thousands upon millions of creatives out there so I definitely count my blessings to be apart of this giant community of amazingness.






Image via My Instagram of A&G Merch in Brooklyn.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to be sharing about the Ford Fiesta Movement, which has inspired me. Each month they are targeting a different theme and this month is all about adventure. I also shared with you that I was in NYC for some design projects, which very much feels like an adventure in themselves. Because they all are so very different, I am a bit out of my comfort zone but I’m loving every moment of it! One of my days in NYC, I spent the entirety sourcing and shopping for clients. I decided early on that I was going to take the subway most days just to learn more about the city and get some good walking exercise. Of course you have to get lost once in awhile or it’s not going to make for an interesting trip. After walking in circles for about an hour one day (with a dead phone) I found the sweetest South African model who helped me figure out where I needed to go. She even walked with me for awhile. She shared with me that she has lived all over the world for the sheer adventure of it and has recently decided to settle down. That got me thinking a lot about how each of us go through seasons. Every season is different but every season has it’s challenges and victories, which makes for an adventurous life. If we don’t view our lives as such, we will have a super boring life. I don’t want to live a boring life and I doubt you do either.

Be inspired by this video on how to live a boring life. For reeeelz.

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