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I’ve teamed up with Ford Fiesta Movement and I’m pretty excited to be bringing you some themed posts in the next few months that speak to me and inspire me. The first that I bring to you is all about adventure. This is a perfect theme for me this month because I am traveling quite a bit for Simply Grove. I consider myself a pretty adventurous person but sometimes the unknown of a city can make me a little nervous. Right now I’m working in NYC and because my jobs are scattered around the city, I am most definitely feeling brave and out of my comfort zone. I enjoy this feeling, most of the time. Sometimes though it can feel overwhelming. In a few days I will share some pictures of this trip from moments when I was feeling the adventurous side of myself.

What are your thoughts on living an adventures life? Do you consider yourself an adventures person?

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Last week I made a quick trip to the beautiful San Diego with Nissan to preview the Versa Note, their new entry car. I’m no car expert, though I love cars, but I can quickly tell you that if you are in need of an affordable car, this is your pick! Can we talk about the gas milage? 40 MPG. That’s great enough for me to want this car. Anyhoot, Nissan always does a fantastic job with their marketing so I’m pretty thrilled to start seeing Ads for the Versa. They are spot on!

One highlight for me was visiting Shaper Studio and giving a small hand in shaping an actual surf board. SO FUN! I also hung out with two of my favorite peeps online, Jamie and Kelly. Thanks Nissan.

Nissan provided me with travel/hotel accommodations to attend the Versa Note media preview.



Happy Monday friends!

Last night I captured this image of one of my closest friends, Katie, with her adorable baby, on Instagram. Besides the fact that I love her and her babes, I also love this space that she is sitting in. It belongs to my cousin Kelly who has 3 kids under the age of 2. Oh yeah. She’s amazing! I love the fact that through the business of life, Kelly has added personal touches throughout her home that are significate and personal to her and her family. With these touches, there isn’t lack of style in her home. One detail that I love is the canvas that has the dates of her kids birthdays and her wedding date. So simple yet so meaningful.

How have you added meaningful details to your home?






I hope that all of you mom’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I spent the day with family and friends. My kids made cards and crafts galore, my husband spoiled me and my father in law made us a fantastic MD lunch. I got sentimental on my Instagram yesterday. I just feel so blessed to be a mom of 2 incredible kids. Motherhood is simply the best job in the world.