If you are in the need of some serious shelving and you have a good budget to work with, may I suggest the 606 Shelving System by Dieter Rams. This system is a modular system composed of various upright elements to be customized with hanging flat or inclined shelves, garment rods under shelves, 2 or 3 drawer units, cabinets with flap down or retractable doors creates and internal movable shelves. A floating desk is also available.

See the entire collection here.



This DIY shelving unit seen on A Beautiful Mess, seems easy enough and gives off the the perfect industrial feel for any space.  If you have a small space and need extra storage, check this DIY out for yourself.

Also, another great DIY for small spaces or large spaces alike is the Dorm tape picture frame seen on Design* Sponge.  Perfect for rentals, dorm rooms and any other temporary space.


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There’s a corner in my office that I’ve been working on the last few weeks.  My kids tend to use it the most so I’m trying to create a workspace for them complete with all of their supplies.  Both shelves are reclaimed wood that we had in our garage.  The red books on the top shelf were inherited from my uncle.  (My goal is to visit each of those countries.  Good goal, right??)

I’ll post more images soon, once I’m happy with the space.



These boxed shelves are an easy solution for storage and displaying items.

Image via My Pariadissi via Klikk.no.