My cousin Rachelle does it all.  Blogs all things children over at Kenziepoo, is the editor in chief of La Petite Magazine, mommy to Kenzie, wife to her preacher hubby and gives herself constantly to help and support young people.  She is pretty darn awesome!  Here is her {one space}.

I love this room because of the scandinavian and simplistic feel to it! I could see myself getting hours and hours of work done here.  The only thing missing?  My computer.

Thanks Rachelle!!

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She is funny, clever, talented, an amazing writer, a fantastic mum and really really funny.  (Oops, I already said that.)  The Lil Bee was one of the first blogs that I added to my rss feed 3 years ago and I have enjoyed reading it ever since.  Here is Bee’s {one space}.

I love it because it’s clean and simple, with soft, neutral tones and a comfortable yet refined aesthetic. The gorgeous mantle, lush window treatments, and crystal chandelier are the perfect finishing touches.  This room also holds my attention since it’s likely one that I won’t be emulating for many years, due to little ones and frisky dogs running about our house. I’ll keep it tucked inside my inspiration folder until there comes a day when sticky fingers and muddy paws have enough real estate elsewhere in our home that I can cultivate such an oasis and close the doors to the chaos when I need a mini escape.

Thanks Melisa!!

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My husband is the coolest person I know!!  Some of my readers have told me that he looks like Gerard Butler.  My friends tell me that he is extremely funny.  My family tells me that I am pretty darn blessed to be married to him.  Yep, I am.  I asked Mr. Hottie if he could give me his {one space}.  Here it is.

“I want to read in this space and stare out the window.  However, the binoculars make the previous statement sound a little creepy.”

Thanks babe!!!

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I am a big Turquoise fan.  And by Turquoise I mean Vanessa De Vargas.  This LA based furniture designer and interior decorator has a fantastic portfolio and has been featured in many publications.  (Read more here.)  I follow her on twitter and I love seeing what new projects she is working on.  So…..of course her {one space} is gorg!!

In this image you capture each layer and texture that works so cohesively but also works to not be too overpowering.  I guess what I love most about this room is that many colors and eras are represented but if feels warm and exciting at the same time.  Makes you want to visit and stay awhile.
Thanks Vanessa!!

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