Sometimes it’s good for the soul to just jump in the air. Especially on Thursdays. You should try it today….:)



Happy Valentines!! Can you feel the love in the air??

This morning my husband and I woke up early to make the kids a Valentines breakfast. Honestly, we never get up earlier than the kids, or at least Eden, so we tried our best and still got beat by Eden! This is her favorite holiday so I’m sure she didn’t sleep much last night. And because this is her favorite holiday, I wanted to make it extra special. Both kids got dessert treats along with their breakfast food of choice. I also made fresh juiced orange juice, which doesn’t last long in this house. We ended breakfast by giving them little v-day presents. Gotta love the dollar section at Target for that purpose!

We ended with an attempt (I repeat, an attempt) to take a picture together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous Valentines! xxoo



It’s no surprise that I love dressing my kids. There are so many awesome options for kids clothing and with two kids that love fashion, how can I not love it. Recently Eden Jo received this confetti print dress from Sailor Rose. Now, Eden has had quite her share of dresses over the years. I have to say that this is my FAVORITE dress yet! The fit, the fabric, all of it. It’s hard not to dress her in it every other day. And she feels the same. She says that it makes her feel like she’s always going to a tea party. Love that!

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I instagrammed this picture before I even noticed the 2 ships. Ethan knew what he was doing!

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