I love my family!



Today’s They’ve Got Style is with Eden and her cousin Kenzie, who happens to be the inspiration behind Kenziepoo.  These two girls adore each other… most of the time.  Oh sisterly love!

In this image, Kenzie is wearing a Let Them Eat Cake jacket and Eden is wearing a Jumina shirt.

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Continuing with the excitement of the new site, I decided to give They’ve Got Style a new look.  My kids are pretty stoked about this change.  They think it looks like they’re flying.  What kid doesn’t want to fly…:)

Brands represented:  Zara, H&M, Jumina, Harajuku Mini for Target, Esprit and Report.



Eden’s outfit- Thrifted pleather jacket, Zara shirt (which is obviously her favorite shirt right now), Zara leggings, Target cheetah pom pom hair tie, Esprit socks and Report shoes.  Ethan’s outfit- H&M Jacket, Tea Collection T-shirt and H&M jeans.



Ethan wasn’t thrilled to get his picture taken on this particular day, but we did it none the less.

Eden’s outfit- Thrifted Levi Jacket, Zara Shirt, Missoni for Target Skirt, Ethan’s socks and H&M shoes.  Ethan’s outfit- Target Leather Jacket, H&M Jeans and Target Shoes.

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I think that I have more fun dressing my kids than myself, especially Ethan.  It’s  a challenge to dress boys and make them look hip but still keep their cute boyhood.  Here’s this weeks They Got Style.

Ethan’s outfit- H&M Jacket, Zara shirt, H&M Jeans and Converse Shoes.  Eden’s outfit- Thrifted plaid shirt, Forever 21 shirt, Nordstrom Rack lace skirt and Target striped bow.



My Eden Jo is one of those girls who could wear a paper bag as a dress and make it look awesome!  I try and dress her as much as I can, which she still doesn’t mind, but she will still add her own Eden Jo flair to it.  She loves girly prints, bows, sparkles and pink but still appreciates plaids and denim.

Both if my kids have awesome style, so welcome to their new fashion column, They Got Style.