I took a day last week and went thrifting, which I already mentioned to you. I really do have a love/hate relationship with thrifting. Somedays I score gems and other days I’m just finding poo poo. I had a mixed day last week. It started out by making me depressed and not wanting to ever hit a thrift shop/consignment store again. But then by the end of the day, thanks to one random store that I had never been to, I found a stash of treasures. It reminded me that it’s all about patience. If I had given up earlier, I wouldn’t have found that awesome gold plated ship that now sits proudly on my office bookshelves or the random cage that was used for fishing and now is used for a decor object. Now, I’m sure that if I lived in a bigger city with more options, it would be a little easier for me but for now it’s a full on treasure hunt. It’s a hunt that I’m not willing to do on a consistent basis.

What about you? Are you an avid thrifter? Or would you rather pluck your eyelashes out?







I found this nice little Macramé piece while thrifting the other day. I like it when I find good things! Now I need to find it a good place in my home.

Next week is a busy week here on Simply Grove. A giveaway, lots of gift ideas, images from my home and some great kids fashion modeled my E & E. Hope to see you all next week! xxoo

Image via my Instgram.

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A crazy cool tilted bookcase.

And Cool Mom Picks-

A playhouse desk.

Handmade Ornaments.

Beautiful Wallpaper from Wee Gallery.







I had a successful thrifting day this last Monday.  I found a wooden cheeses tray with a glass globe cover that I’ll use to cover a small plant.  I also found the cutest cow pitcher and a set of spanish ceramic art pieces.  The tangerine bowl already has a home on my kitchen counter.

Thanks everyone for voting for me and all of my talented friends yesterday!!  Voting will continue for the next 2 weeks and a winner will be announced on the 17th.  If you still haven’t voted, head here to watch the videos at Joyus!