Happy Valentines!! Can you feel the love in the air??

This morning my husband and I woke up early to make the kids a Valentines breakfast. Honestly, we never get up earlier than the kids, or at least Eden, so we tried our best and still got beat by Eden! This is her favorite holiday so I’m sure she didn’t sleep much last night. And because this is her favorite holiday, I wanted to make it extra special. Both kids got dessert treats along with their breakfast food of choice. I also made fresh juiced orange juice, which doesn’t last long in this house. We ended breakfast by giving them little v-day presents. Gotta love the dollar section at Target for that purpose!

We ended with an attempt (I repeat, an attempt) to take a picture together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous Valentines! xxoo






It’s not often that you hear of a company that excites you to no end because of their mission statement. When first viewing Cuyana, I was floored because of their beautiful website and amazing products to shop. I then took a deeper look and learned a few things about them.

Cuyana believes that you should shop consciously. They work with suppliers all around the world. Working with local craftsmen, they transform textiles and metals into unique, limited-edition accessories. They trace the story of each piece from conception to execution. Every Cuyana creation has a clean and modern design esthetic embodying the cultural heritage of the source country. The final product is filled with soul, making every item collectable, lovable, and givable. AND they donate a percentage of our profits to charity:water.

The mission of Cuyana is to clean up a lot of the supply chain and create a brand where they don’t need to charge huge markups.

I put together a collection of products that I think will be PERFECT valentines gifts. So if you are wanting your loved one to buy you something amazing, send them this link and give them a “hint hint”.

Shop Cuyana here.







With Valentines approaching, candy is in full effect. The kids and I went to Target this weekend to get a head start on their class valentines. Eden was a little overwhelmed with the options!

Happy Monday!! xxoo

Image via my Instagram.







When I was in grade school, I had a crush on a little boy with brown hair and freckles.  He was the love of my life!  On Valentines day I decided to make him not one, not two, but 5 Valentine cards.  Of course me being the shy red head that I was, I certainly couldn’t deliver the cards myself!  So the next best option was to get my little posse to deliver them for me.  They chased him all over the playground like little vultures.  He wasn’t having it and instead of thanking me for all of my hand written, love notes, he tattled on me to my dad who happened to be my teacher at the school.  Humiliation fell upon me and after 6 years of liking the little boy with freckles and brown hair, I gave him back to cupid on Valentines of 1991.  Man it feels great getting that off of my chest after 22 years!!;)

Of course I am now married to the love of my life who makes every Valentines more special than the one before.  Shane Allen Grove, you’re hot!

Happy Valentines friends!!!  I hope your day is full of love and happiness. xxoo

Love suffers long and is kind…