Tangerine & Salmon…

If I could marry a color combo, here it is!!!

It was my cousin Rachelle’s birthday on Tuesday.  I picked up some balloons for her in this winning color combination.  I think that I was more in love with the balloons than anyone else!  It feels so fresh and modern without being pretentious.  This piece by Kees Goudzwaard proves the beauty of these colors.

Balloons via my Instagram and Art found via Pinterest.

4 comments on “Tangerine & Salmon…

  1. CUTE balloons!!! Love the polka dots. Great color combo as well…


  2. love the color combo. i’m always looking for great combinations that work. nice and warm and ever so cheery. it could be the starting point for a very cool room.

  3. Ohh yes!
    Isn’t it so fun creating new and lovely colour combinations?

  4. Im so in love with this color combo too. I’m actually using these colors, toned down a bit in Ella’s room. XO

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