Thank You and I’ll Be Back…

Well, another week is gone and I’m pretty excited about this week being done because starting Sunday, I’m on VACATION!  My family and I are meeting my brother and his family in Central Oregon for a little R&R.  While I’m gone, I have some pretty awesome people sharing their favorite spaces here on Simply Grove.  So make sure to check back next week for amazing inspiration from some of your favorite bloggers and designers, as well as a few other awesome posts.  I will miss you all! xxoo

Oh, and I wanted to also thank Tiffany & Co. for my gorgeous Jitney tote!  Tiffany, you have made my summer that much better by placing a giant blue box on my doorstep.  I may have almost passed out.  Thank you and… I love you!

6 comments on “Thank You and I’ll Be Back…

  1. Mariela on said:

    Enjoy your weekend!!, have fun!, xo

  2. Emily on said:

    Have fun! Xo

  3. Behind the Lashes on said:

    Have a beautiful vacation!!!

  4. Wow what an amazing parcel to open your door too! Incredible.
    Have a wonderful vacation! You no doubt deserve it

  5. Callie Grayson on said:

    Wow I would have fainted too, would love to receive such a big! Pretty Tiffany blue box on my step. Lucky girl, hope you are having fun!

  6. Sunriver on said:

    Such a wonderful tote! have a wonderful time in Central Oregon. I am looking forward to hear the stories when you return.

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