The Luna Sofa {Interview with Edgar Blazona}…

I have a sofa that is on my immediate wish list as we speak.  I love the Danish design, the color choices and of course, the tufts.  And for the standard colors, you can have it shipped to you is 48 hours!  The Luna Sofa was Designed by modernist American furniture designer, Edgar Blazona for TrueModern.  I don’t typically do alot of interviews here on Simply Grove but I couldn’t pass the chance to ask Edgar a few questions about design and life.

Where do you find inspiration?

I see inspiration around us everywhere. I mainly look at construction details coming from a construction family I have grown up to look at things a little bit differently. There is lots of beauty in the way things are put together – the architectural lines, the connection points, and in general, the shapes of everyday objects. I often find that these translate into design ideas later on down the line. Often when sitting at the dinner table with my wife in a well-designed restaurant, I’ll spend half of my time flipping over chairs and looking under the table — looking for details of how things are made to put into my memory bank of good design.

What are the trends for spring and summer in furniture?

Light and airy with well-defined lines with brighter colors are looking to be more prominent in the modern design world. I think that things will shape up with a little bit more contradiction between colorful materials (i.e. steel, fabrics or painted steel) and natural wood finishes, like walnut, or more earthy-toned ash or alder. Clear low-sheen finishes are also a trend.

How do you feel furniture has evolved in the last 50 years?

I don’t think it’s evolved all that much. Basically a chair is a chair. What I do think has changed is the materials and the way they are used. Also manufacturing techniques have changed quite a bit, which one would say would allow for new innovations. However, my furniture is all about simplicity. Much consideration is taking into the manufacturing process, enabling products to be made for a reasonable price. The one thing that I hate the most with modernism is that It’s equated with expensive. I try to create reasonably priced good-looking items that will last for a good, long time.

What designer inspires you to be a better designer?

Well the obvious ones would be Charles Eames and Hans Wegner, plus Donald Judd for his clean lined modernist approach to life. But there are some more current designers that I think are doing a great job too. Darrin Montgomery at Urbancase and Mash Studios are doing great work. We are all kind of in the same boat – small to medium-size companies trying to grow our vision of modern design. But these guys are doing exceptional work in a tough economy.

3.  What led you to furniture design?

When I was a kid, I got my first apartment in San Francisco. I basically had nothing; I lived by myself but I wanted to have that cool spot as my own. At the time, I didn’t have much money. I was basically a starving artist. So I shopped around and realized that everything was too expensive. This was way before modernism was really in the stores at a decent price. There was no IKEA or really anything that had reasonable, affordable modernism. I guess you could say that Z Gallery had a modernist look going, but they were doing all glossy black and white and that was their vision of modernism, not mine!! I couldn’t even afford that though. So coming from a construction background, I decided that I could probably build something myself. So I got a welder, a grinder and taught myself how to weld without electrocuting myself…kinda scary! After much struggling, I finally created a dining table and two chairs out of steel. I thought it would be funny to use diamond plate steel as the chair surface and back and make it really uncomfortable. A few weeks later, I was in a small gallery that carried sculptural work and some interesting furniture pieces and I told them about my creation. They told me that they would love to take a look and they could maybe even sell it. I brought it down later that day and they told me they were very interested. So I forked over my brand new dining table and chairs and, low and behold, within a few days, they sold it. I think I got a check for about $400 for the whole set, which at the time, was a ton of money for me. That day I realized that I could make money selling furniture and there my career started.

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