The Perfect Worn Sofa…

Don’t you wish more vintage and beautifully worn sofa’s like these were available on Craigs List? Instead we have a sea of 1990’s leather and sofa sets. If you are on the hunt for that perfect lived in/vintage sofa, don’t give up! Try consignment shops, flea markets, thrift shops, antique shops and even Craigs List. You might need to do a little fixing and tucking but I bet your gem is out there somewhere!

Image 1,2,3.

8 comments on “The Perfect Worn Sofa…

  1. Nothing better than a good lived in sofa. That leather one is classic.

  2. agnes szucs / iiiinspired on said:

    and an adorable moodboard… i’ve long been wanting to make one! :P :P


  3. simplygrove on said:

    Moodboards are so inspiring!

  4. simplygrove on said:

    I agree!

  5. Kristen on said:

    I had to pin all of these images! Such a great post and everything here is so pretty.

  6. leather sofa on said:

    the chesterfield sofa in first picture is an absolute classic, love the colour and vintage look, its fab!!

  7. Wedo Sofa Beds on said:

    I love the cosy, vintage feel of these sofas! A lived in sofa bed can look just as authentic but has the added benefit of a guest bed tucked away inside ;)

  8. Madison on said:

    You really did a great and awesome preview about sofas. Thanks for sharing it to us.

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