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Pilgrim Aromatherapy Diffuser

Via Simply Grove

If you’re like me and have a aromatherapy diffuser blasting in your home at all times, the design can be very important. Boise is really dry throughout the year, so I have a diffuser running in my kitchen. I had purchased one off of Amazon that did the job, but aesthetically it wasn’t the prettiest. I also wanted one that would double as a nightlight for the evenings.

Meet Pilgrim. Pilgrim offers beautiful, personal and smart wellness devices. Their goal is to create purposeful homes for a better health and a better day. These devices are designed in Italy, hand crafted and made of noble materials: FSC certified oak and ash wood, handmade Italian ceramic and glass, and BPA free plastic. Each diffuser has functionalities, such as customizable mist, light level controls, auto stop and an extra quiet fan.

I chose the Zoe, which I am obsessed with! I love the round shape and wood base. With a click of the remote, I can the level of mist that I want, as well as the perfect light option.

Via Simply Grove

Via Simply Grove

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