3 things to love

Three things to love…

1. Recognize this?? If you don’t, I don’t blame you! This is one of my fave companies PANYL and how they can transform an Ikea dresser into a West Elm looking beauty. If that wasn’t enough (or hallelujahs to our budgets) they have began to bring charm and pops of color to their knobs and handles by including pieces from Anthropologie and Etsy into their design to show how the look and style changes with the way you customize an ikea piece. Saving money while getting to recreate a basic piece of furniture in your space. What is not to love??

2. The perfect mix of modern and vintage via Stylizmo.

3. Beautifully hand blown glass, a special project for the opening of The Design Files new studio. Such a neat story and perspective from Amanda the artist behind these colorful domes here.


How did I manage to not include a chair or some form of lighting in this weeks Three Things to Love?? Guess you’ll have to see if I cave in next week!!

Happy Friday!

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