Tour {share house}…

Take a break from your Monday to take in this gorgeous get up via Share House‘s Inspiration Blog. It must be the location in Sydney, the Swedish design, and the cabin style aesthetic that gets me inspired and reminds me that simplicity is the best accessory in a home.

Designed by Frag Woodall.

All images by Terrence Chin.

3 comments on “Tour {share house}…

  1. brooke of pure and noble on said:

    Wow. love everything about this house. thanks for sharing.

  2. Milaxx on said:

    Is that simply an exposed showerhead & facet, or a special type? I love this look and would like to have it in bronze for my bathroom.

  3. Melissa on said:

    This is lovely! I would love some details on the bathroom fixtures as well.

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