DIY Tray…

Today I have the easiest DIY for you to try! Now, I’m not the most fond of completing DIY’s. I’d rather snap my fingers and magically create something. But since that doesn’t work, I’ve made a New Years resolution of being more hands on. Here’s the easy peasy DIY:

I sometimes prefer displaying items on a tray when decorating on a tabletop. I think it looks more edited and finished. I had a photo shoot at my house the other day and didn’t have a tray available to use so I ran to my local Lowes looking for a square of marble. They didn’t have marble available but I found this pretty Calacatta White Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile. It’s simple yet sophisticated.

Now here comes the tricky part! I kid i kid. Here comes the painfully easy part. Place felt pads (that you would use for chair legs) and place one on each corner of the tile. Flip it over and there you have it. A simple tray for your pretty things.

You could also use these in the kitchen and bathroom. Try finding a fun patterned tile to display on neutral countertops. And of course you can never go wrong with marble.

Did I mention that this DIY cost a total of $4? Yay for that!

If you want to take your tray to the next level, try this tray DIY.


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  1. That’s a heck of a cheap DIY. Possibilities are endless, right? I’d opt for marble or slate…