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I feel like Christmas trees are going up world wide alot earlier than years past. We had planned on getting our tree up this last weekend but we havent been successful yet. For all of you that are getting your trees this week or need some decorating ideas for your tree, I have a treat for you today!

The talented celebrity event designer and wedding planner Matthew Robbins has been kind enough to give Simply Grove readers tips on how to create a beautiful, family friendly Christmas tree. Listen up and take some notes on how to create the prettiest tree on the block!

Choose a monochromatic or tonal color palette such as a range of white tones or a range of silver tones as an approach to bring in playful, whimsical elements without sacrificing style! If your family owns a huge collection of wacky red ornaments, toys or collectibles run with this as your theme and supplement with inexpensive red ornaments to bring it all together. This will lead to a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing tree for your home. 

Find a fun theme to inspire your tree. Your kids might love safari animals for example so buy bags of inexpensive, small plastic animal toys/figurines and paint them all one tone. Attach ornament hooks or decorative ribbon to each. For a whimsical, magical, woodland inspired tree buy faux ferns, ivy and mushrooms. Paint these in wonderful tones such as dove grey and silver and nestle into the branches of your tree. 

I love giving everyone their own small tree to decorate. Give each family member a small (2ft-3ft max) tree to embellish and display these throughout the house or as a group. Your kids will enjoy personalizing their own tree!

Remember to have fun with color. Your tree can be an extension of a color palette featured in your home or use it as a one time opportunity to try out a crazy, wild color you have been dreaming about. If you love chartreuse or magenta for example have fun and build a tree layered in one of these tones. 

Thank you so Matthew! I already feel more inspired to tackle my tree this year.

Make sure to check out Matthew’s new book, Inspired Weddings.

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