Trends for 2015

Image: Stadshem

Last year we saw a few trends popping up here and there. These same trends are back for 2015, and I sure hope that they will be successfully staying around. I am loving all of them! See them all below.

Image: Dust Jacket

1. Chunky blankets on the bed. This trend brings texture to the sometimes boring bed. If you have dark bedding, choose a light blanket and vice versa for light bedding.

Image: My Unfinished Home

2. Accent Chairs. This is always a trend, though we are seeing eclectic chair choices more and more.

Image: Studio Karin

3. Powder Grey Kitchen Cabinets. This is a nice change from white, black and natural wood cabinets.

Image: Alex-Quisite

4. Pastel Colors. Yes, yes and YES!

Image: My Scandinavian Home

5. Sconce Lighting and Greenery. Both of these are always a good decision.

Image: Hem Trender

6. Vignettes. Creating a vignette on any surface is a trend that is here to stay.

Image: Residence

7. Dark Gray Sheets. I’m not saying that white sheets are no more. I’m just saying that dark gray sheets are awesome!

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