Update {who left the lights on}…

I recently installed Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing C·L Dimmer in our home’s entryway. If you missed the fun video, see it here. I wanted to give you an update on the dimmer and my post installation thoughts. First, the dimmer was very easy to install, if I can do it- you can! Second, it has been beneficial to my family in so many ways. My kids tend to leave the lights on (don’t most kids??), so the timed lighting is perfect for us. When I am carrying groceries and mountains of things left behind in the car after running errands, turning the light on is the last thing I can manage to do. It is so nice to have the lights come on when we open the door, as if we are being welcomed home. Thirdly, it is just icing on the cake that we have noticed some savings in our electricity bill. If you’ve considered lighting updates you have Simply Grove’s seal of approval on this family friendly and effortless LUTRON addition.

If you weren’t convinced before, read this and be convinced!

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  1. Our rental doesn’t have a light switch going into the laundry room from the hall so I’m always having to go into the dark laundry room and turn on the light at the end of the room. So annoying! I looked into doing this after I saw your video and I’m just waiting for approval from our landlord! Also, I was also surprised at how affordable they were! Thanks for the tip!