Updated Living Room…

First, let me start by saying that Bear LOVES to jump in front of the camera! Every time I take my camera out, he plops down wherever I’m shooting and just waits for his debut. Half cute, half annoying.

So I’ve done a little updating to my living room. A few awesome changes that have been made include this amazing area rug from Medallion Rugs. The area rug takes up the entire space. And the colors… THE COLORS! I can’t get enough of them. One detail that I have wanted to add more of in my living space is color. This rug alone did just that.

Also, you’ll notice the bright, graphic pillows on my sofa. Those beauties come from Nine Space. Another pop of color that I needed! Find them here.

And last but not least, I needed more lighting in this space. When I saw this spotlight from Lamps.com, I knew right away that it would be a perfect match for my space.

Now all I need to do is throw a little party, celebrating color!

7 comments on “Updated Living Room…

  1. heather of RestlessOasis on said:

    Just Wow! That rug is a beauty! Love this space.

  2. Ann Liebler on said:

    I love your sofa! Can you please tell me where you got it? The room is wonderful.

  3. Alexandra Evjen on said:

    So inviting and modern at the same time. Great job!

  4. Hi
    Love what you have done to your living room. I also think your dog is very cute. We are looking for a new dog and I wonder if you could tell me what breed he is?


  5. I really love it. Please tell me where that couch and grey chair are from!? That grey chair is just perfect.

  6. Love your space! please tell us where did you get the grey chair?!
    tks :)

  7. Beautiful living room! I love the grey chair (would be perfect in my living room)! Where does it come from?


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