Valentines Centerpiece…

My family refers to this week as LOVE week so I try and spread the love daily. I wanted to create a fun centerpiece for our table that was both edible and lovable.  I started with laying out my favorite tea towel from Hammocks & High Tea. One side is elevated by using a box underneath. I cut out 3 simple red hearts from construction paper. The kids and I made white chocolate and coconut marshmallow sticks for their friends (I totally stole the recipe from my cousin Kelly. Thanks Kelly!!) and I arranged them in 2 bouquets. EEZY PEEZY!

Happy almost LOVE DAY!!! xxoo

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Comments (5)

  1. oh! I adore this yummy center piece! I really like that you could eat the table decoration. Very funny!
    kisses from Barcelona!

  2. what a graphic punch. the tea towel is really swell. and the marshmallow bouquets are a cute, kid-friendly project.

  3. Of course!! I melted white chocolate chips and dipped large marshmallows in the chocolate. After I smeared the mellow, I dipped it in coconut. I used cute striped straws to hold the mellow. SO EASY!!! Hope you enjoy!