Graber Blinds via Simply Grove


We Installed Graber Blinds In Our Family Room

Graber Blinds via Simply Grove

My family room has this wide, beautiful window that is a focal point in that space. It’s original to the house (which this section of the house was an add on in the 1960’s), which makes it more special. I haven’t wanted to cover it completely, but we needed a bit of privacy. The old window treatments were probably as old as the window and needed to go, quickly! I love using bottom up top down shades in mid century style homes. Actually, I love them for any home! I love the versatility they give and how you can choose how much light you want coming in your space.

Another feature that I really wanted was a cordless option. I despise cords. A few benefits of cordless blinds are as follows. Cordless lift options offer ultimate safety, eliminating the standard cord that could strangle children or pets and tension pulleys and tie-down devices keep continuous-loop pull cords taut.

I teamed up with Graber Blinds to attack this window head on. A local dealer came to my home and we discussed the different options available for this window. They made it so easy for me to choose what I really wanted! It took like 10 minutes, no joke. In the end I chose a Bottom Up/Top Down Pleated Shade with a Cordless Lift. I am thrilled with my decision!

Graber Blinds via Simply Grove

The highlights of having this style of shade is that I can lower it like a normal shade, pull the bottom down for a more modern look, or I can eliminate the shade altogether by either pulling it all the way up or all the way down. Most days I have it pulled completely down so it doesn’t even look like there’s a window shade installed. The kids love this look too because they’re able to block the sun from all angles when they’re watching TV.

via simply grove

This room has been a project for us since we moved in this home almost 3 years ago. I feel like the window situation was one of the last details to tackle, and I am loving the results!

via simply grove

When choosing my window treatments, I tend to choose white or off white. We have a few large windows that are original to the house and I don’t want to cover them with color and take away from their beauty. Now, this is obviously my personal preference when it comes to big windows, especially big mid century windows. There’s a beauty to this style that should be kept simple and beautiful.

via simply grove

One thing to note is that Graber Blinds has a limited lifetime warranty, which makes purchasing the best of the best so worth it! If anything should go wrong with my shades, I can contact them immediately for assistance.

Graber Blinds via Simply Grove

All in all, I am beyond please with my decision to use Graber Blinds!

This post is sponsored by Graber Blinds. All opinions are my own.

Images: Hailey Wilson for Simply Grove

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