White Floor Thoughts…

Yesterday I Instagrammed this picture from our previous home. We moved from this home to our existing home almost 3 years ago. A lot has happened in 3 years including my aesthetic changing and maturing a bit. One element that I do miss and sincerely loved were my white floors in this space. Yes, they were a little tricky to keep clean. (Mostly because of the wood and treatment that we used. There are treatments that make white floors a breeze to keep clean and use. If I did white floors again, I now know the correct way to do them.)  But there is something so special and airy about white floors. They keep a space from looking drab and dark. My husband and I joke about how this is the ONLY thing we miss from our previous home. Not enough to make us stay.

What are your thoughts on white floors? Do you currently have them?

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Comments (6)

  1. O.K., please tell us the secrets to keeping white floors clean! I am considering painting the kitchen floor in my house white, but have been too scared about it looking like a mess!

  2. Oh I absolutely love white floors. I begged my husband to paint the floors in our kitchen but it opens up right into the den so he didn’t think it would work. They definitely go in my “dream home” file though. xo

  3. I just told my son tonight that I am painting the floor in the bathroom white. So tell me, whats the secret, because I only have one shot at this!

  4. Maggie and Mel- It’s all about primer! You need to at least paint 2 coats of primer with a roller followed by a shellac-based spray to knots, and holes. Then apply THREE coats of paint applied with a brush. Benjamin Moore’s Floor & Patio paint is the best.