Wood to Tile…

I cannot get how beautiful these floors are! What a brilliant concept. The wood floors seamlessly flow into those gorgeous tiles. It makes for a rug affect, but cooler.

Here’s another look from above.

What do you think of these floors? Would you have them in your home?

See the rest of the house here.

7 comments on “Wood to Tile…

  1. Elena at Idea Interiors on said:

    Love this idea! Always had an inkling to do this,but was thing square tiles…obviously this works just perfectly!

    LOVE YOUR BLOG – am a fan!
    Following you – maybe you’ll like mine!

    Elena www.ideainteriorsmtl.blogspot.ca

  2. Alberto Chan on said:

    Lovely, I saw this idea on wall in the West Elm market in New York. I took a picture of it. take a look http://instagram.com/p/S_uvRzq27a/

  3. simplygrove on said:

    How gorgeous! West Elm knows what’s up!:)

  4. simplygrove on said:

    Thank you so much Elena!

  5. Amazing

  6. I am adding this to the list of features in my imaginary dream home. It isn’t overwhelming but is still absolutely studding!


  7. Would be interesting to know who manufactures the tiles..

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