Yarn Art DIY…

Another amazing DIY from DIY editor Elise Vaughn

This out of the box art DIY can be made with your favorite piece of art. Your friends and guests will be totally impressed with your detailed eye and artistic ability!


A piece of art that inspires you
A piece of freezer or wax paper large enough for your sketch
A permanent marker
Sharp embroidery
Large empty frame
Binder clips or staple gun
Yarn of your choice

My art of choice was this mid-century painting by Van Hopple. I sketched out a basic copy of the picture onto the wax paper.  I then attached the wax paper to the fabric with binder clips over a wooden frame. (You can use any large empty frame for this – you need to make sure it is open in the middle for the ease of stitching)

I then picked out my color palate of yarn.  I used a large embroidery needle and began tracing over the sketch.

Once I had finished all of the stitching I simply ripped out the wax paper. I sewed seams along the edges of the fabric and threaded a small piece of round dowel through the top seam.  Finishing off with some large tassels and presto!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer: Elise Vaughn, Styling: Kirsten Grove, Photography: Kirsten Grove.

Lighting and Sheets: Schoolhouse Electric, Ombre Towel: Nine Space

3 comments on “Yarn Art DIY…

  1. Sarah Larsen on said:

    You are so creative great job on your DIY- I love the art you picked!!

  2. Grace Dingeldein on said:

    Oh wow! I’m always so impressed with your thorough creativity! How do you come up with these ideas?!
    I love this, so going to try it :)
    Keep pumping out these great DIY’s!!
    -Grace D.

  3. Bridgette on said:

    This is such a cool idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

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