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Last week I asked you if there were certain “decor fads” that you are getting bored with or just really tired of seeing. Some of you commented and I have to say that I agreed with some and disagreed with others.  I am not going to share with you what I disagreed with because I would never want you to feel bad.  Its totally your opinion and I get that.  The great thing about decor and design is everyone has different taste and different aesthetics that are appealing to them.
I want to give you options for each “trend” that has been expressed as over done.  Sometimes just seeing the same idea delivered a different way helps too.  So here you go….

{You said less white and more color} Here is a chic colorful room that should leave you not thinking white.

{You said no to owls} Try decorating with Bee’s.

{You said wall decals should be replaced with real art} What about using your own photography as a solution for wall art.

{You said flag banners over windows gots to go} This heart garland is a fun option for replacing the traditional flag banners.  And it is so appropriate for this season.
Picture 2

{You said Keep Calm and Carry On is heading on out} There are alot of great options if you still like slogan prints.  This particular one is my favorite right now.

{You said you don’t like over decorating} What about under decorating??  So fantastic!

{You said uniform style makes you tired and bored} Here is a example of an eclectic mix of furnishings, accessories and colors.  Not uniform at all.

{You said whats the point of looking at dead animals} Live animals sure look cute in spaces!
Picture 3

{You said rustic style is overdone} Modern wood and log pieces work well in a more clean space.
Picture 15

{You said fake plants are dust collectors} You never can go wrong with live plants and fresh herbs.  Plus they make your air quality that much better.
Picture 14

{You said matchy matchy is to traditional} Mix it up with wallpaper, a mix of colors and different periods of furniture design.
Picture 16

{You said just say no to plate walls} If you still like a collection of one item, make a collage of pictures on a wall.
Picture 17

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23 comments on “You say and I say…

  1. Love this!

  2. Annliese Scott on said:

    Lovin’ the herbs hung in little pots with the magnetic knife strips and shelves…such a great idea, especially for small kitchens.

  3. Alisa: a pina colada on said:

    What a great post with great ideas! Love it!

  4. great post and awesome alternatives!
    i like those magnetic knife strips, but they scare me a little. my hubby is a professional chef, so we always have super sharp knives. does anyone have one of these magnetic knife strips? what is your experience with them? i don’t know why i fear them so…

  5. Awesome post. I like that you kept the tone positive and suggested new ideas. Do more installments of this post. For sure.

  6. Paula @ mabel & violet on said:

    Gorgeous images and a lovely post. The first image looks like it has been designed by Abigail Aherne and I love the image displaying the eclectic mix of furniture, accessories and colours. That wall arrangement is perfect!

  7. fantastic post- I love it when things come full circle-

  8. great post kirsten! enjoyed reading it:)

  9. brilliant post! well done SG!!

  10. Melissa Allam on said:

    Beautiful! I love how you addressed each thought about decor and brought in alternatives here. I love that Spot Color print too!

  11. Homewares on said:

    This is excellent, thankyou for the inspiration.

  12. A Merry Mishap on said:

    I really like this, Kirsten. I am also all for under decorating!!! Although, I think you sort of have to have the architecture for it, which I don’t. :(
    Great post though!

  13. Great post!

  14. I love what you took from that post last week! awesome:)

  15. you found some GREAT photos! I love that first one with all the color. I may be drawn to white rooms but there’s something joyous about color in a room!!

  16. Jolleen on said:

    Kirsten…this is one of my favorite posts on your new website! :) Such great ideas…thanks for putting so much thought into it for all of us to be inspired by!

  17. Adriana on said:

    Great post Kirsten! I am loving the personal photos on the wall, especially lifesize. I saw a similar post about this but I can’t remember where. Loves it. Wonder how expensive it would be?

  18. Cassandra on said:

    What a lovely post and a very fantastic blog!

  19. Krystle on said:

    really really great post.. (been reading your blog for a while now and this post just made me smile, it is inspiring in great blogging and great ideas)

  20. Megan Thompson on said:

    our wall decors are always colored white, coz white is our favorite color and it looks good too*–

  21. Keratin Hair Treatment  on said:

    we like wall decorations made of stuff toys and plastic trees”.:

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