2011 Goals…

I am popping in to do a list for 2011 for me, from me.  Erin wrote a list here and so did Bri.  Totally loved the idea so here you go.

1.  Every year you say, “its time to learn to sew”.  Well, DO IT!

2.  Repeat after me.  Budget budget budget.  You know it works so keep charging ahead.

3.  Have your friend Kate teach you how to make a fishtail braid.  Eden always wants one and you can’t figure out how to do it.

4.  You always talk with your friends about taking an all girls trip somewhere, and since its your 30th this year, go for it!!  Paris maybe??

5.  Buy more paper goods.

6.  Spoil your hubby!  How fun would it be to buy him a thoughtful gift every week, even if it is little.

7.  Didn’t you quit piano lessons as a kid and don’t you really regret it??  You should woman up and take some lessons!!

8.  You know you wish that you had been born with a green thumb.  Lets pretend you were and give it a shot this year!!  Maybe a salsa garden.  YUM!

9.  Risks are part of your lifestyle but sometimes you stop because of fear of failing.  I have a feeling that 2011 will be a year of well thought out, prayed out and successful risk taking!!

10.  Send some random gifts to some of your web friends.  They mean alot to you and you want them to know how much you adore them!

via Pinterest.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!  See you all very soon!!!!!! xxoo

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Comments (18)

  1. I am hoping to learn to sew this year too. Its been on my list for the last two. And I’ve never gotten around to it. 2011 is the year for sure! 🙂

  2. Did I just hear one of my best friends say……PARIS?! You know what that means right? I HAVE to come with you. Hey we can both turn 30 over there together! 😉 Love your list. If I were in the same city, I’d teach you how to sew too! xx, Tal

  3. I love your list.
    paris…… (SWOON!)

    I too want to learn to sew. I have no excuse. My sister in law who has four kids dropped off a bin holding her sewing machine, all the items I need to start learning, and a beginner’s book. I even borrowed two lotta jansdotter sewing books from the library. now it’s just making the first move!

  4. Love the list, which is the first important step to getting things done…And, I can vouch for that ladies trip. For one of my significant ‘f’ birthdays – I still can’t bring myself to say that f word (: – I planned a ‘Chicks to Charleston’ trip and it was a BLAST. Great memories with great friends – don’t delay, and just do it!
    Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family, m
    (Now if I can only find my list…..)

  5. I concur on the piano lessons. Took for 10 years and am dying to play again, I am just dreaming of the day I can buy a real piano. Think I’ll settle for a quality weighted-key keyboard for now.

  6. great list!

    girls’ trips are always good. for my 40th birthday, my friends surprised me with a long weekend in new york (from southeast alabama). 20 of us went, had the best time ever!


  7. oh these are really good, and i always love new year’s resolutions with sense of humour! 🙂 nothing can beat that! 🙂 we must laugh or else… 🙂 have a great week! twiggs