3 things to love

3 Things To Love…

1. A desk makeover.

2.  Simple chair in a lovely house tour.

3.  Flowers on a perfect backdrop.

via Design* Sponge, A.T and The Style Files.

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Here are some links to keep you company this weekend.

+ Brand new Interior Design Service.

+ Love her blog.

+ My bedroom on my fav blog.

+ A fun flickr group for the Bloginastas.

+ A great giveaway.

+ My giveaway.

+ Pretty Plates.

+ I still cant get over this piece.

See you on Monday!


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Comments (6)

  1. Hi, I just found your blog via the wonderful Bloginista group 🙂 You have such beautiful pics in your blog, I’m bookmarking it right now so I find back again.

  2. Your bedroom re-do was definitely one of my favourites posts on the blogosphere this week, I pimped out the link on my friday post too 🙂 You deserve all the traffic you get..happy weekend to you Kirsten 😀

  3. I love your BEDROOM! It’s beautiful & inspiring me to finish what I’ve started with ours! That fireplace/floral photo is stunning & I will definitely be checking out the Flickr group! XOXO!