7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove


7 Ways To Style Kitchen Countertops

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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Kitchen countertops are a major design feature of kitchens that tend to be overlooked. To many this kitchen element is viewed as the most dreaded area of the home to tackle.The key to decorating kitchen countertops is to have the right balance of practicality and design. Too many things and the space will look overwhelming and cluttered, but not enough accessories looks sparse and unfinished. With that in mind, there are ways to arrange your kitchen essentials and decorations, meanwhile getting maximum usage of the surface area you have. Here are a few simple tricks to guide the styling of your kitchen counters:

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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Plants are a simple way to make a space feel more lived-in and relaxed. Incorporating a touch of greenery in an out-of-the way spot like a corner display or playfully bunching a few  together, allows you to decorate without sacrificing any useable counter space. To add a bit of extra convenience, decorate your go-to cooking herbs in a lovely terracotta or ceramic planter. If your kitchen doesn’t get much sunlight, try opting for a low-maintenance plant like succulents.

7 Ways to Style your Countertops via simply grove

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2. Tea Towels

Instead of stashing your tea towels in a drawer, try draping your tea towels over your sink or countertop. The placement allows you to fully utilize your tea towels while giving you an excuse to show off your favorite towel.

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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3. Trays

Trays are the perfect solution for displaying a collection of your frequently-used cooking items in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. Combining cooking oils and spices with small decorative touches gives you the perfect balance for your countertop vignette. Cutting boards also double as the perfect tray if you want to give your display a bit more practicality.

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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4. Utensils

Make your kitchen utensils just another part of your kitchen decor. Placing large utensils in a vase will be easily accessible and contributes to the room’s style while serving a practical purpose. When decorating with utensils, color and material are crucial for achieving the aesthetic you want. Metals like gold, coppers and stainless steel work great with ceramic, marble, or wood. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with these materials!

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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5. Art

Rather than hanging your artwork on the wall, opt for making your art a part of your counter space. Be sure to pick pieces that complement your kitchen design without overwhelming the space. Place your artwork somewhere that doesn’t get in the way of cooking, like against the kitchen back splash. Layering larger and smaller frames with each other is perfect for adding visual interest and depth to a space.

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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6. Books

Countertops are one of the best places to store/display your favorite cookbooks. Besides being easily accessible and conveniently located, cookbooks can add a much needed personal touch to your kitchen. Incorporate your other kitchen decorations to your book display to give the space a truly authentic feel.

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove

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7. Appliances

With a current trend of kitchen appliances placing a focus on design, appliances have become decorative pieces themselves. Incorporating your countertop appliances into your kitchen décor leaves your countertops looking pretty without sacrificing function. It is important to repeat the color of your appliance in your decor to make your style appear seamless. Pairing one or two matching accessories with a copper fruit bowl or your favorite plant will do just the trick.

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